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Should average citizens begin wearing body cams in case they are stopped by the police?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24925points) 3 months ago

Many (maybe even most) police departments have their uniformed officers wear body cams. But the public has hard time getting their hands on the videos, so it’s difficult to use them to exonerate yourself.

Should the average person – you or me – start wearing body cams whenever there is an encounter with law enforcement?

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Average citizens carry cell phones.

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Thread done in one. I don’t have anything to add.

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Do you assume all police officers are crooked? The American way is to assume all are innocent until proven guilty, not presume the opposite.

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@kritiper – not all police are crooked. But there are ample examples (Chicago, LA, etc.) where the police-worn cameras are mysteriously turned off or malfunctioning when they are supposed to be running. One of those weirdly convenient coincidences.

As to @Patty_Melt comment – cell phones can be confiscated and wiped clean. A personal worn camera is potentially less likely to have that happen.

{context: my son in law is a police officer and wears his camera every day}

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Surely in America the average citizen carries a gun for defence rather than relying on cameras for protection.

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I think it is like the way dash cams have (or are) going. They will slowly permeate society.

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Ideally, it would be an always-on camera embedded directly inside the eyeball, with live upload to cloud storage.
And before anyone asks: yes, I presume all pigs to be crooked.

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