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Refund from paypal/scam app?

Asked by loukas (94points) 3 months ago

I got cheated from scamming app. the transaction is pay through PayPal, I would like to know what can I do to get my money back? I have been report it to PayPal but I do not think PayPal can deal with this problem. what should i do with it?

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I have found PayPal to be very helpful in getting refunds. You may need to contact them more than once; but, they usually come through.

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what if the app do not agree to refund me back? as i talk with me, they threatening my by blocking and delete my account and also take away my remaining money if i dont cancel the case.

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How did you pay the app? If it was through a credit card or a bank card, contact their fraud department. They can often reverse the charges, meaning you can get your money back from the app’s owners. You can even get back the money they are threatening to hold onto if it’s money that you paid into your account. If it’s something you earned by using the app, you may be out of luck. But then again, it might be worth the cost to be free of it.

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so beside paypal i can go to the bank to talk about it? but how to?

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should i wait for paypal solution?

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Don’t wait for PayPal. Talk to your bank at the same time and let them know that you are pursuing a case with PayPal, too. The bank might want to wait for PayPal to make a decision, but it also might want to start reversing the charges right away. Either way, it is better to get the bank involved right away.

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They will not sue. Don’t worry. They have no grounds to do that. The money you have paid them via PayPal. Just file a case with PayPal under Items Not Received. This is because in the transaction advise by email from , it says Purchase of GOLD. This is bullshit and they have no way of proving that the GOLD have been shipped to you

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