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Scam apps ask to cancel my case in paypal if not they will sue?

Asked by loukas (94points) 3 months ago

I have been using Ooopm for awhile, and paid lot of money on it. now i realize they are just scam app. i want my money back but they dont allow, i open the case in paypal. now they mail me to threaten if i dont close the case they will sue me. is it possible?

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Ooopm seems to be a scam. The reviews on Google Playstore and in particular the replies from the “company” make it clear. I wouldn’t give them any more money. Good luck with getting your money back but they can’t sue you for trying.

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They will not sue you. It would cost them more than they would gain. But threats are free, and they are often effective. Don’t close the case, contact your bank, and leave a bad review for the app detailing your experience after you get your money back.

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I would highly recommend you read reviews, ALWAYS.
Their responses vary from “Thank you, I think you are a stupid person” to “Fuck you we are not a scam” to “Because you say we are a scam, we are permanently blocking your account”
Not a company to give your money to!
Don’t listen to their threats. They are trying to scare you.

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Oh sad for you. Definitely it’s just a threat trying to scare you. They cannot sue you. You’re the one who can sue them. So good luck to you and prayer for you so you can get your money back. May this be a lesson.

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