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Does anyone here besides me still subscribe to DVD rental?

Asked by Jeruba (55927points) November 27th, 2018

I was a very early adopter for Netflix, and I’d still rather rent Netflix DVDs than use any other service for movies.

I’m expecting the DVD service to be discontinued any day now, just as I’m expecting my hard-copy (paper) newspaper and magazines to disappear. But I’ll be a holdout for just as long as possible.

Anybody else around here still prefer discs to streaming?

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I have both DVD and streaming from Netflix although I’ve thought about giving up the DVDs.

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Probably not

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I use Redbox to rent DVD’s. I don’t stream nor do I know how. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

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I started the dvd service about a year before I went to streaming and I still have it. There are lots of fairly obscure wonderful indies still available through that that I can’t get on streaming.
My queue is still pretty long, I hope they don’t fold too soon!

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@canidmajor, I have 154 titles in my queue right now, not counting the ones in the “saved” section, most of which will probably never be available (or never again). I watch a lot of very old movies and foreign movies and very old foreign movies that are never going to be on anyone’s hottest viewing list.

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I still rent movies from those red boxes at supermarkets. DVDs have all that fun, extra stuff that isn’t available through cable TV or streaming.

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We have both streaming and DVD plans with Netflix. My husband watches streamed content through his gaming system and TV, but that room is uncomfortable for me to sit in for very long, so we still get some DVDs we want to watch together. That said, we’ve had a DVD for like a month now that we haven’t gotten around to watching yet. That can’t be cost-efficient, ha!

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I rent DVDs from my local library, not nearly as many as I once did, I now also watch through a NZ site similar to Netflix I think.

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As with Auggie, the DVDs often sit around for quite a while although I agree, there are films I watch that are not on streaming. I used the DVDs a lot when I was teaching.

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Not me. I gave up physical media as soon as possible. Less clutter. No chance of forgetting to return a DVD, which I did quite often in the past.

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