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Could you name your favourite fluther user with sunglasses?

Asked by luigirovatti (848points) 2 months ago

As put in the Fluther logo itself. Maybe it goes on the beach, swims, then relaxes in the towel and makes it cool.

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Maybe white sunglasses, instead of black sunglasses.

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I think they’re just glasses. Anyway, his name is Dr J or Dr Jelly.

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@janbb got it in one. My old BFF and favorite jellyfish is wearing glasses and is named Dr. J.

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I can’t find Dr. Jelly among the users on Fluther. Perhaps he got another name?

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@luigirovatti He’s not a user; he’s the mascot on the masthead.

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Sunglasses??? I thought those were black holes…

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Or white holes.

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