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If you were in a romantic comedy, which character would you be?

Asked by stevenb (3831points) August 21st, 2008

I always picture myself as the guy that Patrick Dempsey played in Can’t Buy Me Love, or someone similar to him. I never got the girl, though. Not until I was wayyy older anyway. If you were a character in one of those movies, which would you be?

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Without a doubt, George from My Best Friend’s Wedding.
“There may not be marriage, there may not be sex, but, by god, there will be dancing!”

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Diane Lane in Must Love Dogs.

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He was great lefteh. Good character to be. Marina, she was a great character too. Very honest and real feeling. I need to watch that again.

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Oh man, I am definitely Iris (Kate Winslet) in The Holiday. Man, that is my life…

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Probably Cameron Diaz from The Holiday

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Steve Carell from Dan, In Real Life. You’d have to lower the age and take away the kids, but other than that, I think that would fit me well.

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Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail” – or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

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I’d be john cryer as the duckster in pretty in pink.. The best friend to the girl of his dreams..

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I always liked hugh grant in “Four weddings and a funeral” but I wasn’t much for the girl he ended up with.

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Julia Roberts character in The Runaway Bride. I went through a lot of people before I finally found out what I really wanted and then I went after it.

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@all, great answers. Thanks. I like the little windows you all give into who you are. Very cool.

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The best friend of the guy going through the mess. I can’t really think of a good example….

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I might have to go with PnL. When I read the question I wasn’t thinking of anyone in particular—- just that I would want to be the hot girl who gets the hot guy. I would totally make out with Jude Law.

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Maybe Mark from Love Actually.

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I loved that movie! Colin Firth was my favorite character (“Alone again..naturally”) but what woman wouldn’t love to have Mark sing Christmas carols to her?

Fun question BTW

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I’d be Natalie Portmans messed up character on Garden State…it’s not much of a romantic comedy but something along the lines.

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Jennifer Aniston in “Along Came Polly” or Hugh Grant’s sister in “Four Weddings and a Funeral”

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ducky in pretty in pink. hands down.

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I’d be something of a combination of Russell and Anna in Sliding Doors. That’s the best friend to each of the main characters. It depends on the friend in question and what they’re up to as to which role I end up playing. The first thing that comes to mind is the scene where Russell is laughing so hard at Gerry for making his own situation worse and worse and worse. The second is Anna telling Gerry she’s Helen’s best friend and not his.

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I would want to be Jennifer Aniston in Along Came Polly. Problem is, I actually WAS Jennifer Aniston for a time… except in The Break-Up.

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Will Smith in Hitch.
I can help everyone with advice in relationships and then in my own something happens out of the ordinary. I get exposed for something I’m not and have to prove it in the end. I’m really a clumsy good guy.

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I’d be Jimmy Fallon in Fever PItch, everybody thinks I’m way too good to be true, and everybody wonders “what’s hidden” in me that could ruin it all… (nothing hidden, I promise)

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My best friend was in Hitch!! I’m so happy you mentioned it! lol GA for you!

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“A Little Night Music” by Stephen Sondheim; Hermione Gingold as Madame Armfeldt. I’d get to sing “Liaisons” with a gravelly voice and a small range.

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You wouldn’t rather be Desiree and sing Send in the Clowns?

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I am already surrounded by them. (One of my all-time favorite songs is the eponymous sextet. As good or better than Mozart’s Marriage.)

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I would be like House, intelligently working out everyone else’s relational problems with insightful analogies, while struggling with my closest relationships.

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Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days… The way she REALLY is not the way she pretends to be.

I do, however, like to cause a scene when I’m out to eat with a guyfriend I’ll cry, “My boyfriend thinks I’m fat!!”
They always get really confused because they know we’re only friends, but everyone around us thinks that he’s the worst boyfriend ever.

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@bridold: That’s awful! For shame, woman! Do they go out in public with you again after you do that? :^>

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Thanks I really relate to that character.

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I’d be a younger version of Olympia Dukakis, who played Clairee Belcher in Steele Magnolias. Then I could say bold and funny things like:

Clairee: I’ve just been to the dedication of the new children’s park.
Truvy: Yeah, how did that go?
Clairee: Janice Van Meter got hit with a baseball. It was fabulous.
Truvy: Was she hurt?
Clairee: I doubt it. She got hit in the head.

Clairee Belcher: They were both high. They’d been smokin’ everything but their shoes.

And the ever famous:

Clairee: Here!
[grabs Ouiser by the shoulder and positions her in front of M’Lynn]
Clairee: Hit this! Go ahead M’Lynn, slap her!
Ouiser Boudreaux: [taken aback and confused] Are you crazy?
Clairee: Hit her!
Ouiser Boudreaux: Are you high, Clairee?
Truvy: [in a frightened tone] Clairee, have you lost your mind?
Clairee: We’ll sell t-shirts sayin’ “I SLAPPED OUISER BOUDREAUX!” Hit her!
Annelle: [in a scared tone] Ms. Clairee, enough!
Clairee: Ouiser, this is your chance to do something for your fellow man! Knock her lights out, M’Lynn!
Ouiser Boudreaux: [snatches away] Let go o’ me!
Clairee: M’Lynn, you just missed the chance of a lifetime! Half o’ Chiquapin Parish’d give their eye teeth to take a whack at Ouiser!

That’s the kind of old lady I want to be. Spunky funny, and not afraid to say what’s on her mind.

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@SCamp; Did you see her in Moonstruck as Cher’s mother? She was wonderful in that also.

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Scamp, you know I love you more than my luggage!

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@gail, yes!! isn’t she wonderful??

@breedmitch….The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.
ha ha!!

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Spencer Tracy in Desk Set.

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