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Facebook question: when you share a photo to your news feed does it not show up on your timeline?

Asked by JLeslie (56387points) 2 months ago from iPhone

I don’t understand why if I am sharing someone else’s photo that I can’t see it on my profile page and timeline.

I just shared a group of photos and wanted to go to them and write something, and I can’t find them. This has happened before. Usually, eventually, someone likes or comments on the photo and I get a notification and can get back to them.

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It will show up if you choose to have it posted to your timeline as well.

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I didn’t see that option.

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The other person has to have their setting “Public” not “Friends”.

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I’m pretty sure his settings are public on the photo, I’m not his friend and there was a share button available. I only knew about the photo because Facebook recognized my face. (Scary).

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