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Have you ever noticed that the scenes in TV commercials change every few seconds?

Asked by LostInParadise (25329points) 2 months ago

I am not the most observant of people, but this came as a complete surprise to me when someone mentioned it. It is now even more difficult to watch commercials. The scene changes have become dizzying.

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I do not watch TV.

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Yes, and in television and movies too. When my ex and I were starting a video company in the 80s I examined those takes, and realized that there are less than 5 seconds spent on any one scene before it shifts to another. It may all be of the same scene, but different people talking or different angles, but that constant shifting has to do with our actual attention span or interest level. Too long on one thing and we get bored.

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What Her Grace said is true. Babies that can barely focus aren’t allowed to turn away from that screen.

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Slightly off subject…my ex, honest to god, did not realize that hours or days or weeks can pass between one cut and the next. He was enamored with some macho guy’s ability to physically do something that is, in reality, literally impossible. He did not want to believe it was in any way an illusion. He got so angry when I tried to explain it to him.

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He doesn’t accept that an image can be and are routinely manipulated?

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This was in the 80s so FX wasn’t quite down to the fine art like it is today. He didn’t understand the concept of seamless cuts I guess. It kind of reminded me of the dismay my Christian friend felt when I gave a logical explanation of something they wanted to view as miraculous…. :/

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Hyperactive cuts are one of the many reasons I avoid watching ads, broadcast TV, cable TV, etc.

It has gotten worse over the years.

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I just thought of the movie, Armageddon. I actually like the movie, quite a bit…except for when stuff starts exploding, when the space ship becomes compromised. Basically the last ⅓rd of the movie. Things are happening so fast, scenes are switching so fast, it’s impossible to tell what just actually happened, and then we’re on to the next major catastrophe…which lasts about 2 seconds, then on to the next.

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