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What is your opinion of this discipline a man gave his daughter for bullying?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39100points) 2 months ago

She was suspended from school for bullying another student so now Dad is having her walk 5 miles to school..
The article mentions that it’s 37 degrees but I don’t think that’s any big deal as long as you’re dressed for it and being active, which she is.

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Yay for dad! It’s her second infraction of bullying. She needs to learn that it is not okay to bully other kids and there are consequences that go beyond taking away a cell phone for an hour.
I am not a parent.

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It feels like dad is bullying his daughter the way he’s publicly shaming her. I suspect this will be an ineffective method for teaching his daughter not to bully others. It’s like spanking your kid for hitting someone. Redneck psychology 101 seems to be at play here.

The real piece that’s missing is her daughter hasn’t developed sufficient empathy. Perhaps having her spend significant time volunteering for people in a bad spot (e.g. kids in the cancer ward, Special Olympics, homeless shelter, etc.) might do more to teach her to think about others. Afterwards, she should write a letter to the victims of her bullying.

Also, kudos to the school for calling out bullies.

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But to rub it in for a couple billion people?
Don’t know about that…
Looks like this treatment can backfire, to me.

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Lame. I would have secretly hired a pupil at her school to bully her, so she knows how it feels.
Either that or orphanage.

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** Correction. She was kicked off of the bus. This makes much more sense now. ** What I mean is, the punishment fits the crime. If she can’t ride the bus and there is no one avialable to take her, how else is she going to get to school? It’s a logical consequence. In her community, the public embarrassment would be a logical consequence too.

However I strongly agree that he was wrong to post it online. Why would anyone go out of their way to humiliate their child like this? Isn’t that just bullying too?

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Personally I agree that volunteering is a better way to teach a valuable lesson.

As far as the dad, it’s been done before, but it does kind of seem like bullying a bully, which may be why she’s like that. I know when I was a bratty pre-teen, being humiliated in front of my friends was the worst you could do to me, so it may work.

@ragingloli I kind of like that, too. (evil wink)

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I know a mother who, if her kid hits another kid, she hits her kid in the same way, in the same place, and screams, “Now you know how it feels!!! Do you like it???!!! NO!!! SO STOP IT!!!”
I realize that hiring someone anonomously isn’t quite the same as an asshole parent doing the bullying, but I don’t think it would work any better. They may not like it, but to apply that to how others may feel requires an empathy that this child obviously has not developed, possibly because of her father.

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@Dutchess_III “If she can’t ride the bus and there is no one avialable to take her, how else is she going to get to school? It’s a logical consequence.”

Except, isn’t that dad following the kid in his car?

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I think it’s perfect as a lesson that will last a lifetime. I wonder if it’s a one time walk, or a daily ordeal?

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@longgone Obviously, in this particular case, someone probably could drive her to school from now on. But if it really was her only way to school, it would be a natural consequence. It probably isn’t, though, so what her dad has done is turned it into a logical consequence.

@stanleybmanly I’m betting a day or two. Dad isn’t going to want to follow her to school every day from now on.

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[Girl gets kicked off bus for bullying.]

Dad: Hmm….What’s the best way to teach my kid that bullying is not right? ...I know! I’ll bully her.

Fuck this guy

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It don’t think it became bullying on his part until he posted it online, though.

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Not my kid. Not my decision. It would have to be more blatantly abusive before I think someone should step in.

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I don’t consider walking abusive at all under normal circumstances. How could it be? It’s what we evolved to do.

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A 5-mile walk at a 2 mph pace takes 2½ hours. So she’s walking to school in the dark? That’s not safe.

I’m with notnotnot. Fuck this dad. There are many more effective was to punish his daughter.

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It’s not safe walking in the daytime, either. If the footage is any indication, it is too secluded for any youngster to be walking alone. I assume that’s why Dad was following her.

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The dad is a danger to other drivers driving that slow on a two lane.

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At best, the girl will consider her dad ridiculous for preaching what he doesn’t practise.

At worst, she’ll feel so humiliated she becomes even angrier.

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She can have healthy feet and the chance of meeting new people, not to mention that being outdoor in the sunlight is actually beneficial for our mental health. Well…, if she thinks postively like I do then she’ll probably never learn her lesson.

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^^^ In other words, it’s not abuse.

The posting of the video was, though.

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