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What would it take to bring a reanimated Classical Master like Leonardo Davinci up to the qualifications of his modern Phd. peers?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) December 12th, 2018

Clearly Leonardo Davinci, the quintessential renaissance man, master of art and engineering, creator of many human masterpieces, wearer of many hats, super genius, was well beyond his time. If restored to his prime, with all his mental faculties, is he already easily the equivalent of a Phd. in all these fields?

Would he be far beyond them?

Would it take many years for him to digest the past half millenia, and add to his skill set?

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He would have to go through all levels of education again, basic included.
I mean, the man lived before Leibniz invented calculus.
He does not know basic biology, physics, chemistry, or material science, and he likely still believes things about the world that are just flat out wrong.

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For one thing, he would need a working knowledge of English.

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@elbanditoroso You’re assuming he’s applying for a Phd in an English-speaking country.

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@raum doesn’t matter, because in several of fields – Engineering, Physics, for example, English is the lingua franca no matter what your native language is.

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A smart wife to bounce ideas off of. (Or to rip off and not give credit to. ) Like Einsteins first wife Mileva Maric. From NatGeo series called Genius. Einstein screwed her over more ways than one.

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These sorts of questions drive me crazy. It’s like asking “how many pores are on the peel of an orange?”.

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@elbanditoroso I always thought that German was the lingua franca for math, science and philosophy. Apparently I am way behind the times. Or I just read too many old books. Ha.

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There are plenty of brilliant physicists and mathematicians without even rudimentary English skills. There will indeed be English terms and idioms ingrained in their lives. But fortunately a command of Italian is not required for top notch pasta nor French for pastries.

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Leonardo was a polymath. Most PhDs are experts in one field and generally a very small aspect of that field so I doubt he would even have been interested in a PhD.

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@janbb Don’t you think most of the notable achievers in most disciplines turn out to be polymaths?

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@HP Actually not in my personal experience.

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