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Can the interior (the content, the scent, etc.) of one person's car be the same as that of another's car?

Asked by flo (11924points) December 14th, 2018

What are the chances of that being the case, and the fob working on the wrong car? Some people are getting into other people’s cars and driving away. Even if the person driving away just rented the car. What are the chances of the wrong car has no personal (or not so personal) items in the passenger sea, t or dash board, or other places?

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The interiors can be identical, at least to the point where you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference (like odometer readings or radio presets).

Happens all the time with rental cars, get the keys to Car A but get in Car B.

But the fob should not work on the wrong car.

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I sometimes put my hand on a similar car, but the interior is completely personal.

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Only when they are on the show room floor. Once they have been bought, they become instantly personalized.

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I think it is far more possible if the owners are neat and tidy and keep their cars in clean condition. No doubt that’s why my truck is a mess.

After about 2012, supposedly, there is little chance a fob from one car will open another.

Back in about 1998 I was testing cars and took someone else’s car by mistake. The normal practice was to leave keys in the ignition when on the facility site. I got in the car, started it, up and began to back out of the space when a guy came up to me and yelled “Hwy! That’s my car!” I said “B S” and drove away figuring he was kidding.
He wasn’t. We had a good laugh over it later.

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I don’t believe for one second that your car is a mess @LuckyGuy!

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It is not terrible but it is distinctive. I have so many things that would be handy in case of a disaster: tow straps, inverters, extension cords, clothes, water, tools, Spax tool, oil, antifreeze, washer fluid, matches, newspaper, plastic tarps,... I added a second deck to the rear section of the truck so everything could fit. I am ready for almost anything.

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That sounds more like our @LuckyGuy!

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@LuckyGuy “that’s why my truck is a mess.” I don’t see very personalized and ready for almost anything, as messy.

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But anyway, even if the 2 (exactly the same hue of whatever color, and make) just got rented, have nothing identifying on the outside, and there is nothing identifying in the front or the back of the car (depending where the person is coming from) , what are the chances that they get parked close enough to each other, and the car key/fob worked?

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