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What do you guys think about the following scenario? (alien vs racism, explained inside)

Asked by luigirovatti (1223points) December 22nd, 2018

Do you know what would happen if aliens contacted the human race? Well, I don’t know the future, but I certainly know that racists would want to take them out. And believing they are justified, because the aliens would be from another race altogether (I think, mah). In any case, what do you guys think? Let’s see what you guys think in the answers below!

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This doesn’t really sound like a question?
Just putting a question mark at the end of a sentence doesn’t make it a question?
Sounds more like a statement?
In my opinion?

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Maybe the aliens are racist…

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They would all instantly, and conveniently become anti-racists, once we start enslaving, killing, eating, and raping humans, justified by humans being an inferior race.
And really, who could stop us?

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Aliens would be another species not another race and the worst thing about them are their anal probes.

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That a war would break out.

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I think they would be bombarded with offers to have exclusive access to their higher technology.

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I think they might be a race of cat creatures. Upon arriving here they would ignore us and spray on everything. We would defeat them by strategic use of random flashes of light and twitching strings.

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^^ I f¿¿king love it! ^^
I wanna see that movie.

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Can cats be racist?

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No, cats hate everyone and everything equally regardless of race, color, creed, nationality, species or taste.

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Come to think of it, they (cats) are rather alien are they not?

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They are actually quite human.
They are territorial, enjoy torturing their prey, love to fuck, are lazy and opportunistic, in that they will gladly live together with a human, as long as the food comes in regularly, and they love lazing around, and they will betray you in a heartbeat the moment you outlive your usefulness.
They are almost completely human.

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I actually had a cat once who loved everyone. From the time he could toddle about about he’d come right up to us, looking for affection. We named him Roxanne. Just really the coolest, nicest cat in the whole world.
hmmmm. Maybe he was an alien.

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You named a male cat Roxanne?

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:D Yes! He was so sexy and he sashayed around like Mae West! He was a horrible flirt. We finally came to the conclusion he was transgendered. ♫ Roxanne! You don’t have to turn on the red light!

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How sexist of you.

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I take it that we would lose the fight. If they could travel millions of miles to earth then they already have abilities beyond our own. So it’s either try to make nice or become dinner, or just get killed. Racism won’t matter at that point.

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How odd. Fluther forces a question mark at the end of the question, but it didn’t do it in this case. Strange.

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It is an unusual kind of racist.
I think that we are going to be fine unless the aliens were specifically of the color purple.

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There were no aliens in the movie “The Color Purple.” Just Oprah.

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@flutherother: Are you sure about definition of alien as species and not race? I mean, maybe they come from a parallel dimension. Do science really know if these two dimensions are born with the big bang?

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Whatever the definition is, it’s man made, therefore nonsense.

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