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In your job do you have the freedom to sleep, or sit down, when you are tired and eat when you are hungry?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (14737points) December 26th, 2018

That was my major complaint when I was 18 working around minimum wage. What is a job were you have that freedom? Would you like to have that perk?

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No. In all my 45 years, I have never had a job that allowed me to do what I want while being paid to work.

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It is a desk job, so I am always sitting.
Not allowed to sleep while at the office, but I can eat and drink whenever I want.
I can come and leave whenever I want, too, as long as the work gets done.

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Not sleep, but I can sit, well all I do is sit, and eat whenever I want to. I work as a legal assistant and I can pretty much work at my own pace as long as all deadlines are adhered to.

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I have never had a job that gave those benefits. All of my jobs have involved mostly being on my feet and doing physical things. I’m actually glad of that, because I am in much better shape than most females my age.

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Yup, and encouraged to sleep if needed, I can grab a bite any time I want it,but that means just reaching into my lunch kit.
Since I am a driver I am always sitting down.

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I’m 95% percent of the time standing or moving, but when I feel tired I will sit down and drink some water and relax for 5 to 10 minutes.
If I don’t I will be less productive the remainder of my time there, so I feel it’s advantageous for all.

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Yes, because I’m self-employed. I get along very well with my boss (that would be me), and all my co-workers are lovely and delightful (ditto).

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No, but latterly when I worked from home I could eat when I wanted and stand up or move around at will but sleeping was not acceptable

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Not sleep, no. But resting when I have a spare minute, yes, and eating, pretty much yes. But I only ate at designated lunch times. I didn’t snack in between. Why would I need to?
Every job I’ve had as an adult was a desk job, but I had the option of getting up and walking around if I needed to.

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^^^ But, now, you’re a schoolteacher, right?

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Yes but I have the same freedoms as I had at a desk job, although I am on my feet more. And on the floor. And climbing the walls. ~ But I can sit when I need to. The kids are now allowed to eat in class, so if I wanted to snack I could. But I don’t. I DO have a Diet Coke or water with me, though.

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I’m one of those lucky bastards who are self employed & so can do whatever I want, whenever I want…actually, it’s not luck, it’s a hard earned reward.

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I’ve been self employed. Too many people have the crazy idea that if you’re self employed you secretly have a boat load of money.

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No secrets here, i’m fuckin loaded :D

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