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Why do we use LED Bulbs in Work Space?

Asked by RicherdJons11 (7points) December 27th, 2018

Why do we use LED Bulbs in Work Space?
By this question, I want to know about LED Bulbs and why we use LED Bulbs in the workspace.

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Because they last a million times longer than regular bulbs. Is there any reason we shouldn’t use them anywhere?

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Probably uses less energy.

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They are generally brighter, they last a lot longer, and they use far less energy. They cost a little more up front, but when you look at what you are saving on replacement standard bulbs, the labor to replace them probably 5 times before you would have to replace an LED, and the savings in electricity, they pay for themselves.

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LED’s create a brighter output, use less energy, last a LOT longer, plus they are believed to reduce stress as well as help to control depression. So, with the current information, it definitely makes sense to use them in a business setting.

Personally, I’ve started using them i my home mainly because they last a LOT longer than most other bulbs & that makes my life easier!!! I also prefer the bright light they emit.

I didn’t care for the CFL bulbs for my house because they burned out too fast!!! Fluorescent bulbs scare me because several members of my family had their house burn down & it was directly related to the fluorescent bulbs according to the fire department.

Since I personally prefer the LED’s, it makes sense to me that businesses would prefer them too!!!

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