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Do you still feel the need to celebrate New Year’s by being drunk?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24897points) December 31st, 2018 from iPhone

Answer sober but better if you answer while drunk. If not drunk at least pretend to be drunk.

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I’ll PREE tend! BUTTE I might bbee otta focus.

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I’ve never been drunk on New Years.

The people I spent the night with tonight, very few were drinking.

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Hour to go. Time to open zee bohtel!

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Yes that hasn’t lost its charm for me yet. ;) I’ll be as drunk as a poet on payday in a little while.

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No, I never did. Not a drinker.

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Funny questa .... damn autocorrect.

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I feel the need to celebrate with a full belly while wearing lounge pants.

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No. I don’t drink, so no. Going to bed soon, before midnight, in CA. Happy New Year to all.

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I have had one drink, and that’s it.
At least I think it was one drink????

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My friends are kinda weirdos though.
They do like drunk people!
So every new year I take my Coca-Cola, and I say there is vodka mixed in it.
Ten minutes later I am pretending that I am lovely than ever…

I like to give excuses for being lovely.


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I don’t get drunk but it is traditional to welcome in the New Year with an alcoholic drink or three and I still follow that tradition.

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Nope. I did follow my tradition of blackeyed peas, sweeping out the bad luck, and will be saging today.

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I like a party and a couple of drinks as much as anybody.

I do not like being drunk and dont do it.

That includes New Years

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Hey man…it’s all I can do to stay awake until midnight, much less getting drunk at thesame time!

But I really don’t think the assumption is there like it used to be. We’re educated about the horrible dangers of driving drunk.

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I had drinks with friends. I learned that my ex has a baby now, so then I just started drinking heavily. I wish I never heard about it. I also wish it didn’t bother me so much…

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Well. There’s a chance it’s my baby from our last time together, and she just never told me… That obviously would suck. Either way, it has really stuck in my head and I’m really upset..

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@MrGrimm888 Well try to find the answer, this could be a life changer bud! :)

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^It’s very complicated. I cut her completely out of my life. Otherwise, she would have moments of sanity, and convince me to get back with her. The last time we were together, she wanted lots of unprotected sex. That was anomalous, and it was a red flag looking back. Several weeks later, she seemed to go crazy again and said she was leaving the area. I permanently cut her out. I blocked all her numbers, and even some of her friend’s numbers. We used to live about an hour apart, so I don’t bump into her often. I saw her best friend on NYE, and she asked if I wanted to see a picture of my ex’s child. I got really defensive and told her that I didn’t want to hear anything about her. In retrospect, I should have at least asked how old it was, and that could have at least cleared up if it could be mine…

These red headed women will be the death of me….

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@MrGrimm Wow. Pretty odd of her to offer a pic unless she wants you to see. Holy moly!! You better find some phone numbers, not only to see for sure, but also to prevent a child support blindside someday. I cant wait to hear how it goes.

Yes, redheads run in my family, too. Good luck!!

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^Yeah. It’s a mess…

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