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Is it only when you think you have a concussion that you shouldn't fall asleep?

Asked by flo (12077points) January 5th, 2019

Is it for a concussion (whether it’s a myth or not) that one should stay awake? Any (other) medical condition/s when one should stay awake for?

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With concussions, I have experienced twice in my life, it is adviced to wake the person every two to three hours.
But they were allowed to sleep.
Talking about cases some twenty years ago, don’t know what the medical world says about that these days.

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Edit. I didn’t realize this was asking specifically about medical situations.

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In the movies they always yell at the injured person, who was shot or whatever, not to fall asleep. “Stay with me!” They say.

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And as we know the movies are always right.

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When I had my stroke, the paramedic told me to wake up every time I closed my eyes. He irritated the hell out of me!!! I wasn’t going to sleep…just closing my eyes because the light was bothering me.

Oh yes, I didn’t have a concussion.

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It involves the risk of going into shock.

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I guess I’d say it too @Caravanfan, if I was begging one of my kids to not die.

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@rebbel and @LadyMarissa and @Patty_Melt I was searching medical conditions don’t fall asleep before I posted the question.
@Patty_Melt If you fall asleep aren’t you unaware of what’s going on?

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Shock is a physical condition. Medical personnel want a person with any trauma alert when possible so if shock comes on, cognitive responses are affected, and it is easier for them to see the patient is responsive.
That is why the most common line on shows and movies where someone calls 911 is, “Is the patient responsive?”

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@Patty_Melt Thanks I was thinking of coma

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