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Do you hear wind chimes in your ears?

Asked by tan235 (877points) January 23rd, 2011

My sister has this weird thing happen to her, where she hears wind chimes in her right ear.
No one else can hear it but her and she says it’s loud, soothing and paranormal sounding.
She also gets a fluorescent ball of light that circles as well in her right eye, it’s quite little and a beautiful blue with a hint of red/purple – she doesn’t get them all the time just occasionally.
Does anyone know what this is?
Just so you know I“m not pulling your leg this is true, so only respectful answers please.

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Not to be an alarmist, but those could both be neurologic symptoms. She should mention them to her doctor.

Ringing in the ears is referred to as tinnitus.
The visual description sound like it could be a floater or an ocular migraine.

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I would suggest that she see a good doctor. The sound part I would contribute to listening to a MP player to loud, but the visuals seems like a brain issue.

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Yeah i get the odd floater, and I have a ringing in the ears from lots of chainsaws and firecrackers. Perfectly normal.

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@syz is correct.

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There’s no treatment for tinnitis, and some blood pressure medications exacerbate the symptoms.

As for the lights in her eyes, that’s more serious. While it could be floaters (dead cells from inside the eyeball that break away with age and have no way out), it could also be symptoms of macular degeneration. If caught early, it can be treated. See a ophthalmologist immediately!

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