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If im 5"7 and 115 pounds..what am i in EUROPE?

Asked by JasonH (107points) August 22nd, 2008

like what would it be insted of Width Hieth and….LBS?
also this chick is:1.70 tall and im 58 kg? thanks

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you’re in need of google. i hear it’s available worldwide now, even in china, even in europe ;-)

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^1234 Lurve =)

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i tried to google it i dunno where too look lol

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ja, im skinny as heck haha

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The same height and weight unless you eat alot and/or stretch alot..

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170 centimeters and 8.2 stones, approx.

or, 1.7 meters and 52.16 kilograms.

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goggle wrks bettr if u kan spll

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Some people in Europe might think you are fat.

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@baby: really? Guess I’m obese then.. Because I am 5’3’’ and 115. The same as him but four inches shorter! :-0

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@babygall: 50-odd kilos and 170cm is not fat – maybe (but I find it hard to imagine) a little round or chubby, but not fat. Except maybe by model standards…

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Don’t get me wrong I am not saying he is fat. I am saying some people in Europe may consider that fat. Most Europeans think if you have an extra inch of fat on your body then you are fat.

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Perhaps in the Paris or London fashion houses, but as for the rest of us, most consider those fashion-industry-folks undernourished and I know plenty of people with JasonH’s combo (approx.) and none of them would fall in the fat category…

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ahaha i have no PUDJY or FAT on me what so ever. im SKELETOR! so no no european would think im fat at all..infact they would probably feed me…lol

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