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Do we have the power to stop being distracted?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44145points) January 7th, 2019

People say that things like Trump’s wall is just a distraction from other things, but where do we get ALL of our information about what he is doing? We get it from the media. If they aren’t reporting on the “other issues” that Trump is trying to hide, are they helping him? Even those who are a neutral like BBC, ABC, Reuters, etc? Why don’t they go ahead and report on them? Or do they, and we just don’t pay attention to that news? And don’t we have the power to control that?

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…Ah, I’m sorry…what?

sorry, I was distracted.

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Oh, look, a bee.

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Let me state that… oh a puppy!
Yes, I can stop being distracted. Oh hi @cookieman and @rebbel !

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See how awful people drive? and they claim it’s due to from being distracted.
face it people have a hard time focusing on anything these days and that includes myself, I have an extreme hard time finishing those extra boring extreme right wing links little wulfie throws at us all the time.
Now to answer your question, of course we have the power to over come distraction, but I don’t think the average person has the skill to over come distraction anymore.

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I think its hard not to be distracted but we can try to limit our ‘involvement’ in some issues. Like the wall for instance. Our opinions dont matter at this point, its another political ploy for 2020. I care, but there are things I have do locally to take care of people.

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Squirrels are everywhere on this thread!

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I personally think we can if we can adjust our mind for it. It’s not like the distraction itself is persistently lingering right in front of your face. If you know your action can’t affect that something it’s better to just ignore that something. Save your energy for other happy things that can be found in your regular daily activities. People can still lead a happy life ignorant of the political dynamics.

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I’d meant to post an earlier answer, but I was thirsty and got a glass of water then Sadie begged for a treat then the phone rang then oh, it’s a client email message then I mopped the kitchen floor.

Did you notice that I wrote “the phone” instead of “my phone?” Yes, it’s a landline. There are so many reasons why I prefer a real telephone, which I’ll explain now in long detail… I’m sorry, but what was the OP’s question?

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Land line phones rock.

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It is not the border issue that gets people’s attention. It is the government shutdown, with no solution in sight. Close to half a million federal employees are forced to work for no pay. Many of them have started calling in sick so they can get paid elsewhere. National park personnel have been furloughed. Airport waiting times are starting to increase. This is newsworthy.

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I agree @LostInParadise. Somebody just needs to get rid of that motherfucker.

But there are people who are saying it’s “just a distraction” from SS and our health care and whatever. IF that was true, would it be our own fault for letting ourselves get distract…oh look! A unicorn!

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I mean…

Titties, titties everywhere i really must not try
To suck on too many for fear of a nipple in my eye…

Wait, what!?! Where the hell was I…?

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Limiting social media keeps me less distracted. I’m not bombarded by opinions on whatever flavor has everyone talking for the day. I listen to NPR during my morning drive and seek out news outlets of my choice when I have the time.

The stories are there. You find them when you avoid the outlets that are full of opinions.

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Well, that leads to my question @Aethelwine. If NPR and the rest don’t report on those other issues, who is the one being distracted? Us or them?

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@Dutchess_III But they do report on them. And so does The New York Times. You can look at their Science section every week for news about climate change and other phenomena.

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That’s my point. And that answers the question. Yes, we have the power to stop letting ourselves be distracted. We just have to go look for the other important things, but most people are too lazy to do that. They just go with whatever is in front of their face at the moment. And that’s their own fault, not trumps, not anyone elses. It’s not even McDonald’s fault.
Might be Obama’s fault, though.

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Headline yesterday on WBUR’s website (an NPR affiliate):

What It’s Like To Operate A Crane More Than 800 Feet Above Boston

Sure there was plenty of Trump-related stuff, but this was the lead story for one day.

I chose to read this.

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WEll, today the headline is “Trump Walks Out Of White House Meeting With Democrats About Shutdown.”
I think that’s headline news, but if any one doesn’t look further into other articles about other things, it’s their own fault for being distracted.

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@Dutchess_III And it’s so dumb. They wouldn’t budge, he wouldn’t budge, so he said there’s nothing to talk about and left. That’s not a temper tantrum…lol.

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Taking your ball and going home when you don’t get your way is a temper tantrum.

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@KNOWITALL When he is presented with a budget BUT NO TRUMP WALL .. he can veto or have another hiss-fit or tantrum !
His dream of a China Wall or Trump equivalent has gone . . . not all the Republicans back his wall (more everyday leaving are seeing the long term impact on 800,000 government employees). Eric Jr. and company are getting ready to sell all the stock they bought from steel companies and coal companies Trump has been backing in the press and backing by buy their stock (conflict of interest nah Trump is perfect he can’t break laws)!

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@Dutchess_III How did you come to the conclusion that most people are too lazy to seek out the news they want instead of what the majority is bombarded with? The majority may be bombarded with what sells but that doesn’t mean they all listen. Do you have some sort of special rating system we don’t know about? ;)

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Our local headline yesterday was the record number of bald eagle nests in Wisconsin this year. They gave us information about how to help with the current count. Nests have been reported in 71 or 72 counties in Wisconsin. This is a first. Fascinating stuff. I spent at least 20 minutes researching the subject today. I didn’t bother myself with Trump and his antics.

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Because there is this idea that things like trump’s wall is simply designed to “distract” everyone from more important things. I have heard this about so many other issues that I have to wonder are we actually that distractible? If so, whose fault is that? Or is that argument bullshit?

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Trump’s base falls for it. Thankfully they aren’t the majority. The rest of us know this distraction is bullshit.

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But wasn’t the same argument spouted during Obama’s time in office?

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You are asking the wrong person. Sorry. I was busy being butthurt about Hillary losing to Obama.

My, how times have changed. :D

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What has gotten in to you?

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