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We grew a hybrid of a cucumber and a honeydew melon. What is this thing!

Asked by crisedwards (329points) August 22nd, 2008

My girlfriend and I have an organic garden and we think our honeydews crossbred with the lemon cucumbers. Now we have these melons that are basically melon-sized cukes with a faint hint of honeydew flavor and crunch. Anyone ever heard of such a thing?

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Patent it immediately.

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…radioactive and morally reprehensible!!

seriously, send us a pic link; that thing sounds crazy!

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Pic is here:

See. It is the size of a honeydew, but the inside and the seeds are like a giant cucumber.

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Sounds cool! We did something accidentally like that….although not as neat. Our green peppers and jalepenos crossed.

We have jalepenos that taste like green peppers. Weird!

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And what is a lemon cucumber? (And where do you live and what did you enrich your soil with)?

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I wonder what that tastes like?!

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A lemon cucumber is a weird cucumber that is pale and round like a ball. And it tastes like about 80 percent cucumber and 20 percent mild honeydew. No kidding. Just ate a bowl of it. Great summer treat. Whatever it is.

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Do you treat it as vegetable or as dessert?

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We just picked it yesterday so…we ate it as a dessert kinda thing. It’s just a crisp and mild fruit thing. Apparently it’s something unusual. We are saving the seeds to replant.

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Seriously, listen to gailcalled and look in to patenting it – you could make a mint that makes mints if you catch my drift.

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Awesome. Keep all the seeds and contact your local university’s botany department!

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And it will be interesting to see whether the seeds produce the same hybrid next year.

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It looks like a casaba melon or a crenshaw to me. Sorry, I think it’s just a regular melon that you picked too early – that baby isn’t ripe yet!

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A failure as both a fruit and a vegetable.

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I think rowenaz might be the most correct. It’s a normal melon that somehow ended up in our garden. But, I need to find an actuall Casaba to compare. It’s delicious, either way!

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Maybe we have something special, just not as special as I had hoped, natch. :P

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i grew up in North Africa and that vegetable/fruit is in everyone’s garden, we put it in salads or ate it just as a snack.
My Grandparents mixed honeydew seeds with cucumber seeds for as long as i remember.
It is a common thing all over Africa.

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