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Do you think people may be losing the ability to distinguish between what is appropriate and what is not?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40029points) January 11th, 2019

Or they starting to just not care any more?

I was on FB, on some random thread (not mine) and we were discussing Trump. At some point, deep in the thread, I said, “Impeach the motherfucker!”
Some guy (no idea who he was) said, “Aren’t you supposed to be a teacher?” No idea how he knew that. Must have been something I said earlier.
I said, “Yes. Why?”
“Do you talk that way in front of your students?!”
I said, “That is a stupid question.”

Then on Fluther someone seemed to actually believe that I would share my religious opinions in inappropriate settings, kind of like a work setting, just because I discuss them here.

Do you think most people understand the concept of setting, context, and manners, or not? Or is that something else we’re losing?

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Certainly some people are but I wouldn’t generalize to everyone. One does have to realize that what one posts online can be seen to reflect a general attitude of tactlessness at best since we know that online “privacy” is a sham.

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Well, to an extent it’s true that privacy can be an illusion, and that’s why I’m pretty careful with most of what I say. Some people may not like my views and my opinions and that’s why we have the discussions we do. But I’m referring to things that would be hard, if not impossible, for random people to track down, compared to words coming out of your mouth in a public setting.

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And I HOPE not everyone is going to lose it, but it sure seems to be the trend now.

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@Dutchess_III, you have a very strong sense of what you feel is appropriate and not, and have an extreme dislike of cursing. This comes up in many questions. Much of this can likely be chalked up to generational differences. And in these cases, it is just a matter of understanding this and resisting the urge to tell people to get off your lawn. “Manners”, norms, etc are all fluid. Embrace this fact, and you may be able to avoid some of the intergenerational friction that your parents/grandparents may have had with you and your generation.

Note that this doesn’t mean that all of your complaints can be explained by changing norms. There is also the real possibility that you’ve been exposed to expanded norms due to the virtual breakdown of geography due to the internet. This could be culture shock.

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^^^ Combative much? Does all that rage ever come back to bite you and your family in the butt?

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^ Exactly my point. You just translated my post as “combative”. It was not.

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I can’t say.

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Some people never had the ability . . . !!

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I don’t think that is true at all. What does seem to be true is that people are believing, more and more, that it’s only illegal if you get caught. In addition, there seems to be more and more anarchists or people who would/could cause an incident, and be so removed as to believe they are exempt from being involved, but who would like to stand back and watch the mayhem.

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@notnotnotnot I don’t think it’s appropriate to cuss in a classroom. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. If I did it would be a write up and eventually termination if I persisted.
There are a lot of situations I think it is inappropriate to cuss in, and I don’t think that’s a generational thing. I think it’s called being “Professional.”
Would you want to go to a doctor, say a dentist, and hear him say, “Holy shit! Why the fuck don’t you brush and floss? You want to lose all your motherfuckin’ teeth? What the fuck is wrong with you, asshole!?”
If a person can not understand that one size does not fit all, that you can’t talk to your boss and your coworkers, and customers they way you talk with your friends, then that person is unprofessional.

I would not discuss my opinion of sexual preferences in a classroom, either. That would be unprofessional.

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@Tropical_Willie right. Some people were never taught what is appropriate and what is not. You can see it IRL, more and more often.

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