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If it was on you, how long should one year last?

Asked by rebbel (28675points) January 11th, 2019

My last three years have flown by; I have no idea where they went (especially the last one), and no recollection, I feel, of half the happenings in it.
So some days ago I thought that maybe the duration of a year (namely one year) is just too short.
If it was me one year better last about one and a half, to two year.
That way I would feel okay with how fast life goes.
If it was you?

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On Venus, the year is exactly as long as a pregnancy.

I’m fine with the length of the year, but I would sure like to have longer days/nights. Maybe 30 hours.I love the long winter nights, but hate when the afternoon starts waning as soon as its early to mid afternoon.

As for wanting years to be longer—
For me, years seem to come in pairs, . I have been ‘naming’ individual years (a name or gestalt that summarizes the general feeling or atmosphere or activity of a year) since I was about nine. I have noticed, for me, that years seem to come in pairs, or complements.. Someone else I know thinks in three-year cycles.

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I would change to the systems of percentages. Broken up to how much of 100% is gone. I wonder how astronauts tell the time in space?

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Given the solar system’s average speed of 514,000 miles per hour and it’s current trajectory, once around.

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@Pinguidchance I just realized that my answer doesn’t make sense. I would have it by one revolution around the solar system by Earth around the sun. Still in a percentage of the distance travelled. Then maybe a new system when we go into exploring and colonizing space

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@rebbel Of course years go by faster as one ages. Each added year is a smaller percentage of your lifespan to date.

I moved halfway through first grade, so from then until the end of second grade worked out to 18.75% of my life at the time. The four years of college worked out out to 18.18% of my life at that time. It seemed like college went so fast compared to second grade.

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The time it takes the Earth to complete an orbit around the Sun seems pretty reasonable to me.

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Here’s a problem I have currently.
Every time I say 2019, I feel we are all stuck in mid countdown for an entire year.

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A “year” is a very inflexible Obama era standard of measurement. How much better would life be if good years were extended tenfold and horrible years shrunk to the duration of a single month.

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Amusing answers, all, thanks a lot!

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365 days, fuck leap years & their “special” extra day.

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I’ll leap second last and suggest be kind to the years.

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