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Does worship from a computer count?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17114points) January 16th, 2019

Can you outsource prayer to robots? Can anyone get any thing from artificial worship?

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No it does not. It’s as worthless as writing on carbon paper and making multiple copies. Worship must come from the heart.

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@Mimishu1995 You mean he got an answer back??

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@kritiper Well technically yes. Everyday he would generate a random string of number from a randomize machine then put it into a software in his OS that could translate numbers into music and lyrics. He considered the process “communicating with God”.

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Not in my opinion based on my religious views.

Mr. Davis had a lot of mental issues, so although his claims to have received a directive from God to build that, I’d be very skeptical.

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@Mimishu1995 Well, technically, okay… (GA)

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So—no use for prayer wheels, then? Other people’s style of worship is just worthless?

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@Jeruba Not sure who you are asking, but I have the utmost respect for other religious beliefs and find many Asian religions intriguing.
In Christianity, we do not have prayer wheels, so I won’t speak as to their effectiveness in praying to the Buddha.

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@KNOWITALL I’m aware that he had mental issues. The point is that there is someone who worships God through digital mean. Whether God would hear them is another story.

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The idea of worship and prayers are man-made so regardless of the sources and forms they can grouped as prayers. I care about the format, so long as it’s correct it’ll pass, regardless of how others perceive it.

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It makes as much sense as the prayers from anywhere, anyone or anything else.

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