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How would you make a system that ranks all of the careers and jobs to each other?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24159points) January 24th, 2019

For pay? Or how it is now? Who is the lowest? The middle? The highest? Where would you put your career?

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There are plenty of job rankings already. The question to be asked is, “ranking in terms of what?”

Satisfaction? Compensation? Contribution?

And “career” is much different from “job”. Career is over an extended time, job is what ever one is doing at present.

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@zenvelo For pay. Can you list the different systems that we can use to decide who gets paid what? Like capitalism and different forms of social engineering?

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Listing jobs by pay is done all the time. Magazines like Money and Forbes will list “what people earn” every year.

I don’t understand the rest of what you are talking about.

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@zenvelo I am thinking about what pay should be. Not what it is. A appraisal of each hour of work compared to other’s pay objectively .

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Or better still how actually important each career is to others. Not just pay. For example I would put the trades over sports and entertainment. We have oodles of info on what minimum wage should be, but what about all other jobs and careers. median pay in north America is around $26/hour. So who gets less and who gets more.

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I get less.

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@RedDeerGuy1 “I am thinking about what pay should be. Not what it is. A appraisal of each hour of work compared to other’s pay objectively”

Objectively pay should be whatever the market will bear. Sure, the plumber is arguably more important to society than the ball player, but that ball player possesses a skill that few have and people are willing to pay a high price for his services.

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Trash collectors and janitors should be on top. How could we get along without them?

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I’d hate to see my bill from Waste Management if the garbage man is getting paid millions.

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Shane Hummus Has a series of career video’s on YouTube, that I like.

I would like to delve into making a Canadian version when I get the motivation.

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