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Which magazines do you like to read?

Asked by flutherother (31769points) February 10th, 2019

Do you subscribe to a magazine or do you occasionally even buy a copy. Which titles can you recommend?

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I’ll sometimes pick up Smithsonian, Scientific American, the Atlantic, or a cooking mag if the cover pic looks yummy for a train or plane ride.

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While I don’t currently subscribe to any print magazines, I have in the past to the following that still offer print versions (I still enjoy the sites):

- In These Times
Current Affairs

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I liked to read popular science growing up. Wired is good if you dont mind the texture of the front cover. Cracked and Mad are good except for the repeated material over time. Macleans is good for the university comparisons once a year. Skeptic magazine and popular mechanics is good some times. Forbes top lists are a fun read. Time and Life are good for the year in review. Different astronomy magazines are ok.

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Trade journals, other magazines are just advertising crap I don’t need or want. .

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The New Yorker
The New York Times Magazine

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I don’t subscribe to any magazines any more, but I used to get Nat Geo, Discover and Reader’s Digest.
In the Drs office I like reading Time and Newsweek if they’re available.
Before the days of smart phones, it used to frustrate me that my obstetrician’s waiting room had nothing but parenting magazines and women’s magazines that talked about fashions and recipes. Nothing to feed the brain with.

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I have subscriptions to the New Yorker and National Geographic. There are other magazines I occasionally look at, like Smithsonian, Wired, National Geographic History, but I don’t have time to read all of those, so I’m good with the two subscriptions. I read most of both magazines whenever I receive an issue.

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I still love print magazines. Subscriptions:
Harper’s (not “Bazaar”)
National Geographic

Dropped when they changed beyond my range of tolerance or just wore out their welcome: Newsweek, Psychology Today, Sunset.

Online I look at several, most often The Atlantic, and I’ll pick up an occasional newsstand copy of anything with a featured subject that interests me.

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I’ll pick up a couple of National Geographic’s per year.
A subscription to it is too costly for me.

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I subscribe to the New Yorker. That’s it for paper.

The local library gives cardholders home access to online, which has a lot of the most popular magazines, in full facsimile with ads and all. I’ll browse through that about once a month. It seems like Outside Magazine and the Wood are the ones I look at most.

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I subscribe to 2: Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide and Paris Review. I read them cover to cover.

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What kinds of articles does Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide carry?

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Vegetarian Times
Better Homes and Gardens
Consumer Reports
Martha Stewart Living
HGTV Magazine

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Duchess, it has articles about LGBT life, book reviews, and history. It also has opinion pieces. The articles are thoughtful but rarely deep.

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