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What are your top 5 tips for international travel?

Asked by ltoban (330points) February 11th, 2019

Please provide any information for international travel

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Don’t drink tap water.
Don’t leave the resort.
Don’t buy or use drugs.
Don’t take or purchase a bible, let alone leave it there.
Don’t use the in-room safe.

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Wow! That sounds really limiting @KNOWITALL and scary. None of it in my experience at all although there are certainly places I wouldn’t drink the tap water and I wouldn’t buy or use drugs.

Mine would be:

1. Make sure you have your passport with you. Either store it in a safe place while traveling or on your person.

2. Travel light. As a friend said, bring half as much clothes and twice as much money as you think you’ll need.

3. Get some currency of the country you’ll be in in advance but research and bring a debit and credit card that you can use to pay bills and get currency in the country.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of people but use your judgement just as would in cities in the States.

5. If you’re going walkabout, let someone know where and when you expect to be back..

And one bonus one:

6. Research calling and data plans with you cellphone carrier before you go and set up a reasonable plan.

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@janbb Just reality. In some countries, you really don’t want to look like a rich American.

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As above plus these:
Don’t wear jewelry ( anything that you may miss , if robbed).Its just an advertisement to rob you.
Treat the staff in courteous manner, it pays in the long run.
If one purchases bulky items, mail them home instead of packing in your luggage.
Be observant of the people around you and don’t get lost.( put tracking on your cell).
Have a complete map of the area that your are going to know your boundaries.
You are a guest to an others country,so respect the culture and customs.
Don’t bring very expensive cameras.
Have Insurance .( health, travel)
Get familiar with escape routes in case of emergency ( fire,etc)
Have a great time but clean up you garbage in the room in appropriate containers.

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Wear one of those inside belts with hidden pockets for cash when outside.

Always make sure a family member or friend knows your itinerary for the day.

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Travel light
Get to the airport early
Respect the locals
Wear a hat
Relax and enjoy.

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Always bring…

Fly by helicopter

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All of the above are good answers. I’ll add a few.
1) Bring one carry on bag. No more.
2) Plan and book ahead. Things tend to fill
3) Make sure your credit card doesn’t charge for international travel
4) Load Google Maps offline maps to whatever city you are going to so you don’t chew up data
5) Many cities have tourist passes for local transit for a few days to a week that can be cheaper for tourists.

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Take a picture of the first few pages of your passport and then email them to yourself. That way you will always have the information available in case you lose your passport.

TRY to communicate in the local language. Even if you fail miserably people appreciate the effort.

Wear comfy clothes for the flights. Some can be long and boring or just delayed, might as well be comfortable.

Get a money belt but don’t put all your cash in one location.

Be flexible. Things can, and will, go wrong, expect it and if it doesn’t well, great.

If you are from the US realize that the rest of the world travels at a different, more relaxed pace. Be there on time for your train, bus, whatever but don’t panic or get angry when it is 15 minutes late. Think “Island Time”.

Book Early.

Keep and open mind; you are not in Kansas anymore.

Never use a credit card at a Pemex station.

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