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If you received $1500 dollars tomorrow, what will you spend it on and why?

Asked by ltoban (330points) February 7th, 2019

Often times, the #1 reason we do not fulfill our dreams or accomplish our goals is due to “finances.” But, what if finances were not the issue, what will you do tomorrow if you received a starter fund? Will you still fulfill your dreams or accomplish your goals without the starter fund?

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I would get a $1,000 MRI in Calgary. To get to the bottom of the time travel and visons that I experience. I would also take grade 12 chemistry and physics to put my past behind me.

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That’s not much money but I’d donate it to cancer research.

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$1,500 would be most (but not all) of a nice vacation skiing in the Rockies.

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Spend a couple hundred on air tickets, and the rest goes towards a nice telescope.

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Give it to my mom for bills or whatever.

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Pay my car insurance for the year, like I always do, then put the rest in the bank.

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I’d put it in the bank. Same thing I always do when I get money.

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You mean, if you pay off all my responsibilities and “optional” things like health insurance and money for unforeseen problems and then also give me $1500 of “mad money”?

Or, you will pay $1500 for something I want to buy now, but won’t let me save it or put it towards more “sober” purposes?

Really, though, I seem to do ok with spending money on things I want before I can afford it – hence those things I’d put $1500 towards other than fun.

But, um, the question… ok… yeah, probably travel. Because it has the best impact, and I already have many ways to self-entertain without spending much money.

And yes, I’ll do fine without someone giving me $1500.

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Pay off bills…maybe put it on the principle of my car.

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I’d buy high quality oil paints and water colors

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If the “rules” allow for it to go to bills, most of it would go there.
If it’s “money for fun”.......I would get a new bed, a new cheap refrigerator and a new cheap computer. (geez my def of fun has sure changed at my age)

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I’d stick it in the bank.

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$200 to our local animal shelter, $1300 on the principal of our mortgage.

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