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How do you obtain true happiness?

Asked by ltoban (180points) February 11th, 2019

You define you happiness, so what do you do to obtain true happiness in your life?

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You die I suppose.

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You do the things that you always wanted to complete.Your goals.
Sometimes life gets in the way to sabotage ones goals but the goal is always there to be picked up and viewed again with different eyes at a later time so one can decide to complete or cross off the list. Such is what retirement is for me , a time to finally get to do them with no time restrictions and at a relaxing pace.
This is what happiness is for me.

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@anonymousmousie – Do you mind elaborating on your answer? I believe one should be on a quest/journey to obtain true happiness in life.

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There is no such thing as true happiness. There is temporary, fleeting happiness, if you are lucky.

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I do it by not striving for it, and be grateful for, as @elbanditoroso said it, fleeting moments of happiness.

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The question now becomes what exactly is one’s definition of true happiness?
Have a quest to find true happiness is opposite of knowing happiness.
Experiences in life offer transient happy moments.
Some find themselves in a lifestyle, place, career or within a Love relationship that is enduring and sustains a lifetime.
Such are happy people because they have finally found what makes them the happiest, doing what makes them enjoy life and secure in their choices.

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Happiness just happens in my experience and usually when I have tried to make someone else happy.

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Be comfortable in your own skin
Love yourself & anyone who loves you too
Embrace, entirely, every single thing you have ignoring completely the things you do not
Maintain a child like wonder & amazement along with a youthful sense of humour
Staff…get staff for that

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I guess you never really do.

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@elbanditoroso Please give me an example of a “fleeting moment of happiness?”

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@rebbel – If you don’t mind, give me an example of what a “fleeting moment of happiness” is to you?

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@Inspired_2write Tell me, what is your personal definition of happiness?

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“Ignorance is bliss” that is the true way to happiness that many people seem to overlook. Ignore things that aren’t advantageous to you and focus on things that are beneficial to you so you can be free from problems and keep on moving with positive improvements.

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You don’t. And you can’t expect to.

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@ltoban Starting a hike to a waterfall, some miles down a valley, and being overwhelmed to tears when I saw the green mountain face, bathing in morning sunlight, right after the first few steps on the path.

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