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Did you become like the persons you admired when you were 10-14 years old?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) February 17th, 2019

Somewhere in the psychology courses I took in high school or college, ages 10–14 were described as “The Modeling stage.”

The people you admired on television, in music, in our daily lives, maybe even teachers or other adults in our preteens and early-to-mid teens—we tend to become like them—either by intentionally emulating them or in very subtle ways we might not even be aware of.

As an adult, I’ve had people, even children, say I remind them of, or sound like, certain actors or musicians or characters whom I personally didn’t realize I had grown to emulate in subtle ways. Evidently it catches on, even if we don’t realize it. It is just about always people who I admired in this five year age bracket of age 10 to 14.

Is this true for you? Does your personality reflect subtle nuances of people you admired when you were 10–14 years old?

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I bear no resemblance to either Bobby Sherman or Carl Yastrzemski.

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I did not become a fighter pilot but I can lay down some serious metal riffs so “sort of.” I’m closer to who I wanted to be at age 8 or 9, a Geologist. I’m an engineer who works with geologists.

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I thought that I would be a CEO of a fortune 500 company making a 7 figure salary. $1,000,000 minimum per year. After taxes.

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Yes, I became a nice smart person with loving relationships who makes and plays games.

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No, because I haven’t really changed much since the age of 14.

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I would say it’s been little bits of many influences, but at age 16 I had an influence from outside of the usual people I was around, and that continued for several years. My boyfriend’s family were Latin American, and they wore a lot of make-up, heals, glitzy dresses, and kept their nails polished. This was different than my mom, and my family in generally. My family had a very nice fashion sense, but daily they were more relaxed about it, and they never got so glammed up, not to the extreme of my boyfriend’s family. I glammed up myself, wore heals all the time, plus I had been working in retail since I was 14.

In college and as a young adult I “dressed up” more than my peers I think. I was very aware of it, but a friend of mine pointed it out.

As an older adult, I’m more like my mom, but I can put on the glam when I feel like it. It’s much easier when you have thick hair (which I don’t have) and olive skin (which I don’t have). I look pale and under the weather if I don’t do anything. My SIL, who has darker skin than me, and lots of dark brown hair, can put on just a bit of make-up and looks great, much like how teenagers can do the same sort of thing, but she’s 59.

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No, and thank fuck for that.

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I did not become any thing like Donny Osmond and Micheal Jackson.

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@Dutchess_III Well, I’m glad to hear that you’re nothing like Michael Jackson!

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LOL! I’m the wrong sex! And the wrong color. And I’m normal.

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