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Will I regret buying a cheap Ukulele?

Asked by rovdog (842points) July 28th, 2007
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What's to regret? It's a low-risk, low-cost investment. Pick up "Mey Bay's Ukulele Chords" and have at it ( The uke is a remarkably expressive instrument--nobody expects it, but it sounds great. I'm in a band with a ukulele, so I'm biased. Good luck.

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I have always said buy the best and you will not be sorry

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When buying a ukulele, there are only regrets.

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Ukuleles smell fear

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There are some characteristic of a stringed instrument that are non-negotiable: regardless of how cheap or expensive. Essentially,anything that affects playability:
Can be tuned: Frets are placed correctly. Bridge is placed properly for correct intonation.
Can hold a tune. Tuning pegs work correctly. Neck is not warped. Frets are proper height. I can go into details.

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Yeah, I discovered the one at my friend's beach house and couldn't put it down. I do play guitar already. I have a feeling I will take learning to play fairly seriously. Bob- What kind do you play? I was thinking I should start with a Soprano because it's cheapest and because it's the most different from a guitar. MC- yeah give me any details you got.

I'm thinking of spending like 40 bucks on it, so not buying a toy but I don't think I can spend a hundred. Any recommendations? There's one on Ebay and Amazon called Amigo that has a solid spruce top, which I know for a guitar would be desirable. But I'm worried about the intonation, holding a tune and all that. I really want something that sounds as it's meant to so that I can learn on it.

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You always get what you pay for. The big thing is - make sure it will hold a tune!

Good luck!

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Update: bought it. Restrung it. Love it. Not regretting so far. But I am on my Ukulele honeymoon.

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Once you get that one down pact… then try the Lanikai Ukulele.. it’s not too expensive, but is a really nice one, tryt he 8 string….



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