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Wouldn’t it be fun if we get a President Hinkenlooper?

Asked by janbb (54658points) March 4th, 2019

John Hinkenlooper of Colorado is running for president as a moderare Democrat. Without any assessment of his credentials, wouldn’t it be fun in a Marxian – as in Brothers – way to have a President Hinkenlooper? Shades of Duck Soup!

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His friends spell his name Hickenlooper.


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@elbanditoroso Sorry. bad Googling early in the morning; still funny either way.

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I likes me a pres with a goofy name!!!

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I always wished that Dick Armey and Dick Swett would have run as President and Vice President.

Their slogan could have been, “These Dicks Won’t Give You the Shaft”

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Happy to entertain any other silly names for Prez for the purposes of this question.

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Sounds like a breakfast cereal

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Not as funny a name as Buttigieg

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@zenvelo I’ve thought of him too.

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Dick Lugar should have been president. That is the most perfect, pornish name ever.

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@Darth_Algar – reminds me of some of the old Police Academy film character names

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Mike Hunt

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Lugar/Proctor 2020

“Why the hell not?”

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President Cumberbatch!

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If Mike Hunt’s VP was Mike Hawk, it would be a hermaphrodite’s fantasy administration.

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If Groucho Marx and John Lennon were elected, we’d have a Marxist-Lennonist government! ;-)

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John Hickenlooper? But when he runs, Trump will give him a funny nickname.

oh, wait. I get it.

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