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What is best to feed a chameleon that does not like crickets?

Asked by Brett_Topovski (32points) March 6th, 2019

When a chameleon gets picky or lives outside of an enclosed habitat, they may not eat crickets. What are food options that can be used for a healthy diet, as a substitute to crickets?

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I just Googled chameleon diets.

According to one of the first recommendations I saw, chameleons eat a variety of insects, including gut-loaded (recently fed) crickets, roaches, mealworms and waxworms.

They also eat dark, leafy green vegetables such as collard greens; pothos and ficus leaves.

Gotta love such a colorful little creature, especially when it thrives on giving you free, nontoxic pest control. ;-)

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I’ve never had a chameleon; so, I googled chameleon food & came up with a forum for people to share their experiences. You might want to check it out. Are the crickets you’re offering your pet alive when offered??? It did point out that the food offered should not be wider than the chameleon’s head.

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Chameleons and anols— I’ve always fed them mealworms. They actually become moths. Mealworms are commercially available .

The above two suggestions contain excellent information, too.

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Meal worms is an excellent choice, you can also feed them with green leafs and vegetables.

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