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Do you get Page Not Found when you click on "View in itunes"?

Asked by flo (12858points) March 7th, 2019

As asked.

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Can you post the link you’re using to access iTunes?

If don’t have it but if you have Firefox, try right-clicking on the ViI button, selecting Copy Link Location, and pasting it here.

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No, I haven’t seen any error like this.

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@Brian1946 and @himanshukhaira Thanks.
I have to find the show/podcast I was searching about first.
So, it won’t work with the other browsers you mean @Brian1946?

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Do you remember the name of the show or podcast?

What I mean is that the specific details of the procedure I described using Firefox might be different for another browser, but that other browser might still have the basic procedure available.

E.g., using Google Chrome, the procedure is basically the same, except that Chrome’s menu option is “Copy link address”.

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@Brian1946 I don’t have the name of the show right now. But the thing is finding the show/podcast on iTunes is not problem. It’s just ‘s just the clicking on the specific episode/date of show that produces the Page Not Found. (why isn’t it “listen” on iTunes by the way?)

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Are you getting PNF with different specific episodes/dates?

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Yes, not just one.

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I Googled iTunes, but apparently I have to download it to gain access.

What kind of equipment are you using for access; phone, laptop, desktop, etc?

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That’s terrible why you have to download it to access it. I don’t understand that.

Desktop by the way. I’ll find out what happens on the tablet and report (tommorow)
By the way I posted the OP, and wasn’t on Fluther till 2 hours ago.

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I tried it on Chrome, and absolutely nothing happens when clicking on “View on iTunes” episodes.

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@Brian1946 I tried and it says Safari doesn’t find the address valid.

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