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[SFW] What jobs would you do regardless of the pay?

Asked by ETpro (34605points) May 17th, 2013

What do you find so fulfilling that you’d spend quality time regularly doing it regardless of pay, even for free if necessary? Carrying on with our work-a-day series, this is the mirror question to the SFWNSFW pair of 2 weeks ago about what jobs you would refuse regardless of pay. If you can’t think of a thing that’s SFW and wonderful enough to do for free, or have a comment in mind that isn’t SFW, then you might want to check the NSFW version of today’s question.

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I would work at the research station in Antarctica – for free. Heck I’d even pay for the honor!

(Contact me here for resume.)

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I would love to work on an archaeological dig. Discovering little treasures buried in the sands of time? Sign me up!

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Both of the above!

Plus work in a used bookstore.

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I would lovingly cultivate pineapples as long as I got to eat some of them.

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@rojo: I did that for a few years. It was good work experience before I got a paying job.

I’m actually hoping to be able to run a youth outreach program when I get done with school, regardless of pay (as long as I have a way to pay my bills).

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Professional sportsman, football/tennis/golf, what a fucking buzz!

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Double question ey?
Okay…I would also herd geese and grow bamboo for free. My two career choices that do not exist in america. lol

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River Guide/Boatman

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Librarian – Oh wait! I do.

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Wine taster, beer taster, ice cream taster, world traveller

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Animal Rescue/Rehabilitation
Wildlife Reserve Ranger (or whatever they’re called)
Dog Trainer
Toy Tester
Video Game Tester

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Oh, also! I spend 2–3 weekends every month guiding tours at the Folsom House. I don’t get paid, but it’s a blast, and the experience I’m getting and the contacts I’m making will be great if I apply as a real tour guide somewhere else.

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I have and I will; babysit my little grandchildren; provide a home for my adult grandchildren.

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Farm/garden work.

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I would Fluther for free.

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@wildpotato Well come on over, I am whipped! Just planted squash, zucchini, 3 varieties of tomatoes, lemon cucumbers and about 40,000 flower seeds in my little garden zone today! :-D

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Television commercial critic. I love dissecting the stupid ads I see on TV. Been a hobby of mine for years :P

@Coloma This is the SFW (safe for work) version of the question. The other one that’s tagged NSFW (not safe for work) is intended to have naughty answers.

I see you posted about home decorating or some such in the naughty version…lol.

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Great answers, all. I am struck by two things. The diversity of the answers and the fact that virtually all of us do things we love so much we’‘d do them for free, or even pay to be allowed to contribute if we were in the financial position to do so.

@Plucky My younger son is a video game tester, and the loves it. It indeed is something he;d be doing whether paid or not.

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I would be the photographer that sits on the bank of the river and takes pictures for the tourists on whitewater rafting trips.

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I just saw the results of a study that determined the effective SPF of a “base tan”. It ranged from 1.5 to about 3.0. People with “olive complexions” were in the 3 range.
But here is the best part! The researchers had to measure and compare skin that is normally covered with normally exposed skin. They studies the untanned butts of many subjects.
That’s the job I want!

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