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How do I be a "trendy 2019 teen"?

Asked by imonlyusingthistoask1question (4points) 1 week ago

What makes a teen “trendy” in 2019?

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Be a good person and help others. But don’t help others as a “show”. Don’t make videos of yourself doing good deeds. Do them because it truly helps someone.

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Spend within your means. Fashion wise, you don’t need to buy expensive stuff to look good. Research the look and the material that’s “in” and go do some mix and match from more affordable sources.

About ten years ago I used to ride a bus to work and every morning there was this probably 16 or 17 year old female teen who always looked good wearing this eclectic set of clothes.

They didn’t look expensive but the way she combined them was really chic and most befitting of her age.

If she was the one who put them together then she was really gifted.

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Also maybe start a new trend. When having conversations with friends or on a date…put the cellphone away. :)

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I was going to say “eating TidePods”, but that’s so 2018.

Why do you want to be trendy?

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Trendy to whom? Depends on the values of the group you want to impress.

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