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What event do you think they should add to the Olympics next time?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) August 24th, 2008
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The Crocodile Power Walk.

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I was going to ask, if we were to limit the Olympics to 10 events what ones would they be? There are just way to many!

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-Fighting Lions
-Fighting Bears
-Fighting people
-Running from Lions
-Running from Bears
-Running from people
-Throwing rocks at Lions that are chasing you
-Throwing rocks at Bears that are chasing you
-Throwing rocks at people that are chasing you
-And Curling

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Waiting. It’s the perfect sport to introduce in London- Heathrow, London Underground… need I go on?

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spear fishing
all the Xtreme games

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100m streaking
Protest Marathon
Obstacle course consisting entirely of railway gaps and call it the 200m Mind-The-Gap race

There should also be a parallel run competition in telly-throwing for the public to enter…...let’s face it, this Olympic malarki does make you want to toss that flickerbox as far away as possible!!

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Watch the fat man run games, and HARDCORE EXTREME WRESTLING!!!!! CM PUNK!!! YEAH!!!!

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The Frizzer toss
ok, ok I’ll stop

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“Spending olympic money on something worthwhile 100m mosey”. Scores are given for the apparent thoughtfulness of the mosey and the pensive poses struck. It requires a hand-written essay at the end. It is basically a sort of biathlon.

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They should bring baseball back….

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They have baseball in the Olympics.

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Also, they should include gaelic football!

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@Necro: Not anymore.

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They do, I just saw a Game on the Spanish channel, Cuba Vs USA.

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The Beijing Olympics was the last games to feature baseball. It is now over.

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Oh then, I agree with you.

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They might end up bringing baseball back. Maybe with players from the Bigs..

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It would be difficult to have major leaguers as the MLB schedule conflicts with the Olympic schedule.

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I can see them taking a break from MLB for a few weeks. Doesn’t the NHL do that for the winter games?

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