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Do you prefer the winter or summer olympics?

Asked by switchboard (54points) September 6th, 2009

I am thinking about going to a olympic game, but I am torn between the two.

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summer. I love the swimming, diving, track, and gymnastics. But that’s just me. What are your favorite sporting events to watch?

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The summer olympics has a number of entertaining events: swimming, gymnastics, the decathlon, diving, track… even weight lifting! The list goes on.

What does the winter olympics have? Maybe figure skating… and that’s pretty much it for me. I can’t see myself tuning in for bobsledding, hockey or the luge.

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Summer! They need to show more events!!!!!

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I prefer the winter olympics. My favorite events to watch are figure skating, speed skating, snowboarding and ski jumping.

I also enjoy the views that are shown of the area where the olympics are held, with beautiful snow covered mountains.

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@jonsblond – you got a point. For scenery, the winter olympics rule.

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I went to the ‘96 Olympics in Atlanta. Synchronized swimming and baseball. It was great and I wasn’t freezing my butt off!

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Winter olympics, for me. I love the skiing and snowboarding, especially the ski and snowboard – cross. That is excellent. I also love when they show luge, and the weird(er) sports like curling.

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I like the winter Olympics. And that’s only because of the luge. My dream that I will never attain is to be a member of a luge team..

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I like the Winter Olympics better overall, because I prefer winter sports. I wish gymnastics were in those, though.

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@aprilsimnel I agree. Gymnastics is the only sport that I watch during the Summer Olympics.

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Thanks for all the advice guys!!!

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@avvooooooo Ok. I lied. I also watch swimming and diving. :P

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@jonsblond We females have so few sanctioned ogling opportunities… :D

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@avvooooooo – I had one today with the New York Pro Swim! And it got cold all of a sudden! Poor dears! We had the mylar blankets and anti-sting gel at the ready when they were done trawling 10K in New York Bay. Volunteering is a good thing!

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@aprilsimnel Damn! Wish I’d been there!

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Summer for me. But I guess it would depend on which one is closer, more accessible, cheaper etc. The next summer Olympics are in London, right? Where are the winter ones?

I’ve only been to the Athens 2004 Olympics. Saw two events. The first was women’s handball (Angola vs Ukraine) and it was brilliant, it was everything I’d ever hoped the Olympic games to be. Well-organised, friendly atmosphere, lots of people or different races waving colourful flags and everyone happy and clapping. I don’t even remember who won, because both teams were just as applauded at the end.

The second was a nightmare. It was at the main Olympic Stadium, a place with long queues and paranoid security guards strip searching us, only to be allowed to a huge open area with lots of ads and scorching sun overhead. Very commercial, very fake, everything people hate about the Olympics. The event itself (Greece vs Russia in water polo) was fanaticised due to the home crowd (and a lot of Russian mobsters who had sold kilos of drugs to aquire a ticket in the black market). People were swearing, I couldn’t see very well from where I was sitting and it was too hot. But the worst bit was the commercialism of it all I think.

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@Jack79 Vancouver 2010.

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Well in that case I guess it all depends on where switchboard lives. I’ve heard good things about Vancouver as a city. I’ve lived in London (but that was back in the 70s) and it’s a great city in many ways, but extremely expensive, especially if you’ll only be there for a few days for the Olympics. I do not imagine the London Olympics to be the best summer games, whereas the Vancouver ones could perhaps be the best winter games. On the other hand, if one’s never been to London, this would be a great chance, since it is one of the cities everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

I think money and distance would be a significant factor for me in this case.

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I think the Summer Olympics are much more exciting and interesting because it seems, to me anyway, there are more sports and events that cover a broader range of athletics and skills. Also, and I could be completely wrong on this, but it seems to me that the competition is much more fierce in the Summer Olympics as opposed to the Winter ones.

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I’m a winter guy, snowmobiling every weekend when there is snow, so I enjoy watching the winter olympics (even though snowmobiling isn’t an event). The skiing events are my favorites to watch.

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I like some of the summer olympics for the swimming and running, but my fav is the winter olympics! I love the bobsledding, skiing, ice skating, hockey, and gymnastics!

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