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Does anyone have video they can share (or know I might find online) of senior citizens/ People over the age of 60 doing amazing physical feats or tricks?

Asked by livindi (10points) March 18th, 2019

I’m working on a project about extraordinary senior citizens would love to add videos to show people over the age of 65 doing amazing things

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Where I live we have seniors doing incredible things every day.

Would you count majorettes twirling batons that are on fire? Here is one of the Christmas performances.

Does dancing count? Where I live seniors dance every day. I’m not sure it’s extraordinary, because thousands of seniors here are doing it.

I know we have body builders, and archery experts who have won national titles, and we hold senior games every year.

A German film crew filmed a performance by Dance Evolution here, so show back in Germany.

I live in The Villages, FL, a city for active adults aged 55 and up. Some of us are a little younger, like me, but most people are over 60. My girlfriend’s mom just went to Zumba class with me tonight and she’s 92! You can search in YouTube for The Villages and stuff will come up.

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Jack Lalane pulling 70 boats on his 70th birthday. He has many other accomplishments over the age of 60 that you can find with a quick search.

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National Senior Olympic games all over the World.

video of 100 year old who broke five world records!

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Not amazing, but this is a video of my wife and I paddling in a canoe race in Portland, OR last Saturday (3–16-2019). We’re both 68 and undefeated in our class for the last 3 years in the PNW. We race in Hawaii, Canada, Oregon and Washington. Fun stuff!

Check out my other YouTube paddling videos. I made nearly 200 YouTube videos including my wife and I hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back last November. I have a lot of fun with my GoPros (I“ve got 7 of them).

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The oldest marathon runner was over 100 I think.

Youtube is your go to for these videos.

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