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Are the mentally ill allowed to run for office?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16739points) March 18th, 2019

Or is it stigmatized? On CNN they were talking about Trump suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. Should it just be that he can do the job or from the content of his character?

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Anyone can run for office. Other than age in some countries and some citizenship type requirements, there are no disqualification based on fitness.

It’s up to the voters.

By the way, NPD is not disqualifying for jobs, it just makes a person difficult to deal with.

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I wouldn’t put too much into what CNN says with its amateur and pop psychologists. It is an effort to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

A builder and businessman like Trump, whose skills have built a great economy and booming employment / industrial / commerce stats, could not possibly be mentally ill.

Nor could a mentally ill person withstand the extreme barrage of harassment and scandal the Left has propagated daily. A civil war is going on in this country, and the President is the target,

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Trump made it.

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Having a mental illnesses doesn’t preclude someone from being greatly successful in business. Case-in-point: Ted Turner (bi-polar disorder).

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Who decided what illness are debilitating and what are not?

The DSM 5 – Diagnoistic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – link is the bible of mental disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association.

That book is 1500 pages long and lists hundred upon hundreds of mental disorders.

how would be as an electorate decide which of these mental disorders is disqualifying?

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By whether or not they can do the job.

I have (REAL-diagnosed early in life) ADHD, and this actually helped me in many creative and even educational endeavors.

Someone who has proven their ability to protect, defend, the country,and grow the economy, I would say is not mentally ill. A mentally Ill person would have broken down a long time ago.

No one on an entertainment network panel can diagnose a President they have no access to. CNN has an agenda.

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You really have no fucking clue about mental illness.

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Only if they haven’t been officially diagnosed when they run.

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