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Where is David Cameron (former Prime Minister of Great Britain) these days? What is he doing?

Asked by elbanditoroso (25349points) 4 weeks ago

Does he take any responsibility for the Brexit mess?

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He’s been writing his autobiography in which, he claims, “to not hold back on my final days as PM”
After dinner speaking has also kept him “busy” reportedly earning him 400 grand over the course of 2 months.
He has said that he does not regret the EU referendum of 2016 & wishes Theresa well as she looks to close a deal…yeah, good luck with that chaps.

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Having almost destroyed the country by making the worst political decision since the Middle Ages I imagine he is lying low.

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Politicians NEVER accept the blame for anything they ever did!!! From the best I can see, he’s tetired & keeping his mouth shut…more or less.

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@elbanditorosa I give it time. The disaster that is Brexit hasn’t played out yet and the destruction is only just beginning.

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