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Do you like the idea of a floating city?

Asked by JLeslie (57725points) March 22nd, 2019

One option is actually creating an island that stays stationary for the most part.

Another option is something that moves around, I guess like a massive ship, that goes to varying locations. I picture it wider than say a cruise ship. Much wider, maybe a mile by half mile, maybe more, and a few separate buildings on it. It moves very slowly, and in most cases can’t dock. You would have to take smaller launches to get to the nearby land. Maybe be able to fly a small plane or helicopter to and from it.

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Sounds fun! It also sounds like there are likely tons of potential problems that I’m not realizing would exist that would make the reality much worse than the fantasy.

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No, not until secure and safe. Can you image what a tidal wave,earthquake,tornado or fires could do? They would have to have a very fast and effective way to evacuate the residents and or handle crises.

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Yes. Good practice for exploring outer space.

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Like Venice?

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Too damp. Everything gets moldy too quickly.

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@joeschmo Venice is a flooded city.

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Capital city Meniscus

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