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You are alone on a desert island. Or are you?

Asked by rebbel (32012points) June 20th, 2011

Something bad happened, your ship sank or your plane crashed, and you find yourself as a sole survivor on a deserted island.
All goes well, you are there some months now, and you have your life on track.
You build yourself some shelter, eat food from the trees and the ocean, and you befriended the, presumed extinct, Dodo.
Then, while wandering around one day, through the bushes you spot another human!
What do you do?
Make yourself known? Or not, and stay alone?
Would it influence your actions if he/she was of the same sex?

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History has shown the value of division of labor. Assuming that they were struggling for survival just like me, I would be all smiles and a handshake.

If it was a guy, I would make the handshake real firm.

If it was a girl, I would make it firm without assertiveness. Plus, I would be more optimistic about my future.

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I’d stalk the human for a bit. Try to find out more before letting myself be known. Although, maybe they’ve been stalking me. If is was a male human, I am sure I’d hesitate to greet them even more. But there would certainly be some stalking for a week or so first, in any case.

If the human ended up being my enemy, I’d send my trained Dodo army after them.

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I’d snipe him from a treetop as I want my alone time,damnit!

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I’d run to them ready for a chat, of course they would probably not speak english so, we would just have to smile and point and nod a lot. lol

If they were a cannibal or a psycho I guess I’d be in trouble, but, I am far too friendly and gregarious to lurk in the underbrush. haha

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I would ask this person how the stock market is doing.

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Prolly spy on em a bit to determine if whether or not they might be a threat. Or eat em, maybe.

…they should probably just worry about me…

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I’d cautiously approach, machete at the ready. (that almost rhymes)

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1. Observe
2. Judge
3. Act accordingly

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Guy = ...well let’s just say I’ve recently been reading Thomas Harris’s novels

Girl = ...well let’s just say I’ve recently been reading Thomas Harris’s novels

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Walk up to them and say, “Take me to your leader!”

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there goes the neighborhood

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I’d probably be extremely happy to see another human being!!! If I don’t jump in front of the human in joy, perhaps I’d stalk the human first, to see if he/she is of any harm, before approaching. It doesn’t matter if the human is same sex or not, I’d be just overwhelmed.

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I’d already know them. They’ve always been there. Haven’t they?

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If it was a man i’d drown the fucker then use him as a raft, dey float ya know?
On the other hand a woman would come in useful, someone’s gotta dry the dishes XD

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:::slaps @ucme::: You are naughty :P

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@PluckyDog Said in jest I assure you. I respect women I do…..i’d hump her brains out, better? ;¬}

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@ucme Lol, no that’s not better. And I know it was in jest. ;)

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I’d wink and smile.

I’m old enough to know a pretty face and kindness goes a long way.

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I’d try to steal his/her food or clothes, if he/she had any. Then, I’d blame the monkeys for it, and return the stolen stuff to that person. Then I’d try to befriend him/her.

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