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Have you ever forgotten something that you didn't think you ever COULD forget?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39689points) 3 weeks ago

I was in a 4th grade class room. The kids had a math work sheet. The front was 2 and 3 digit multiplication problems. The back was long division…I went to demonstrate long division, only to realize I’d freaking forgotten how to divide with a pencil and paper! I screwed around for 10 minutes before it finally kicked back in. I mean, when was the last time I ever came close to needing to do long division?
I was made at myself.

As an aside..there is crap going around on Facebook that they’re taking analog clocks out of the classrooms because the kids don’t know how to read them any more. In my experience, that’s BS. They still learn to read them in 2nd & 3rd grade just fine.

Counting back change is a skill that needs to be resurrected, though.

I got to see 3 of my grandkids who go to that school, so that made my day. :D

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I still forget my neighbours name. I have known her for 3 years. I forgotten the quadric equation. I remember some math mnemonics but had to look up SOHCAHTOA and roy’g’biv to answer this question. I forget Natalie Portman’s name. I forget simple things every now and again , and have to look them up online , Fluther , or call family.

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Yes. Right now I can’t think of it, lol, but recently I have tried to recall some things that I’m shocked I can’t remember the details. Things from very long ago.

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Does it worry you that you forget things more easily…that maybe you have the symptoms of dementia? I try to play games and brain teasers etc to keep my mind active but with age we will all forget a little. I am amazed what my 104 year old grandmother can still recall. I can still have a pretty good conversation with her on the phone…but like us all she has her days.

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Yes; and I amaze myself at all the silly things I can recall from over fifty years ago.
I recall the first time in the early sixties I was in a car with my ex husband, Satan. I was wearing a green wool sweater with three buttons on the top and a matching green wool collar.

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Satan? Is that a typo for Stan….....or perhaps not.

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No; that’s his name!

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Lol. @flutherother and @Aster that exchange cracked me up.

@Harper1234 I don’t know what to think. Dementia usually screws with your short term memory first. I do sort of worry cholesterol and calcium is clogging my brain.

My short term memory actually isn’t as stellar as it used to be. I think it’s a combination of not giving a shit about a lot of things so I’m not paying attention well, too may serious things on my mind, and probably some aging.

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No @Harper1234. It’s been a couple of decades since the last time I did / taught long division by hand.
If it was something I taught every day then I would be worried if the next day, or the next week, I suddenly couldn’t remember it.

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If I had forgotten it, how would I know that I had forgotten it?

Wouldn’t the act of remembering that I forgot something mean that I remembered it, thereby making it impossible for me to have forgotten?

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^^ most excellent.

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