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Is the magnifying glass icon (search engine) working in the following site?

Asked by flo (11804points) 3 weeks ago

What do you get when you click on the magnifying glass icon (search engine)?

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I clicked on the magnifying glass, and a search bar appeared across the top o sth page. I typed :happiness” in the space and clicked, and it produced a list of article summaries and the link to go to the article.

It is working just as it is supposed to.

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Now the search engine appears. Someone must have alerted them or found the glitch on their own. Wow that’s fast.

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Fluther to the rescue.

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I have to find out what browser operating system device etc. the person was using, when the website wasn’t working.

About 20 minutes ago, I couldn’t get anywhere on a tablet . I try to click on whatever (the OPs, Activity For You , ...) and nothingwas happening I got on the desktop, no probelm. I went back to tablet no problem now.

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