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What do you get when you click on the search icon in the following site?

Asked by flo (12974points) May 1st, 2015

Edited to add:
1) What happens when you go toward the box to enter your search term?
2) Does the tab “SHOP” (top right side of screen) take you to
or some other page? If so which page?
3) When you click on ELVIS (logo) on the 2nd link above, does it take you to home page or does nothing happen?

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It takes me to but it also does this which lead to a instinctive closing of the tab.


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1) takes me to a homepage that has (among other things) links to, but that page itself has no box to enter search terms, nor is the word “Search” even anywhere on the page.
The homepage of does have a “search” in the upper-right, but it does nothing as I go towards it; I actually have to click on it to open up a box to enter search terms.

2) The “Shop” tab takes me to

3) It takes me back to the homepage of; kind of stupid sine I’ already there.

@johnpowell I got that popup the first time I opened but not the subsequent times. Yes, it’s annoying, but thankfully it seems to give you a cookie that stops it from repeating that unwanted behavior.

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@jerv 1) Would you post the link of the webpage that takes you to

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@johnpowell Don’t ever do what? I’m thinking about it. If you just close the tab and move on what happens?

@jerv As an aside, are you copying and pasting the url? Why doesn’t your link of have _/default.aspx? We’re looking at the same content.

Nothing happens when I head to the image of the magnifying glass (I don’t see the word “search” either) either. After I click on the magnifying glass, the search box opens up and when I head toward the box the box closes.

Sometimes before that for a nano second, (sometimes a little longer) a page appears, with no images just links on the left side. But it is not every time

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The site works perfectly with the given links, no issue

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Pretty much. As for the lack of /default.aspx , it was there but I didn’t type it out in my response as that is, well, the default address if you don’t type anything after the .com.

Yes, if you move the mouse, the box does disappear, but it already has the blinking cursor so you can just click the icon and start typing; no need to click on the box to “activate” it.

Overall, I give the site design a C-. It’s layout is neat and rather eye-pleasing (if a little bland), but the overall design “under the hood” is non-intuitive and does a couple of annoying things that no competent programmer with any sense of decency would do. For instance, the pop-up that @johnpowell complained about is considered to be rude at best. It’s one thing to advertise, but another to lock up your browser until you acknowledge the presence of the ad. The difference between pop-ups and regular advertising is the difference between seeing a picture of Spam™ and having some guy tackle you and shove Spam™ down your throat.

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Re. the search box, ” ...the box does disappear, but it already has the blinking cursor so you can just click the icon and start typing; no need to click on the box to “activate” it.” But it is telling me by it’s action:
“There is something wrong, it is out of order, don’t waste your time, it is going to give you the wrong info anyway.” So, that’s why it didn’t occur to me to just start typing. I just did, and it’s working. I never experienced this before.

Anyway I went in to this site expecting to find Discography, or Music, DVD, CD etc. on the homepage! like in a lot of so user friendly sites, but this site is a pain.

@LeonardKonrad We must be looking at different things, all I can say.

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This thread might go into editing by the way. I want to post the webpage first not the homepage.

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..editing my post: remove “Music”, there is Music there but the songs are not listed alphabetically.

I entered the search term “The lady Loves me” I got this:

Search Results
Search Results: “THE AND LADY AND LOVES AND ME” (0)
We were unable to find exact matches for your search. Please try your search again with a new search term or terms.

There is 3 “and“s that I didn’t put.
The search engine only allows capital letters.

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Now you see why I dissed that site. I mean, it should be designed so that it’s easy to use, easy to navigate, and capable of pulling up any info you want without jumping through too many hoops.

As for the extra “and“s, that means that it was looking for all of those words in the same title… and that the web site designer cannot figure out how to implement a search feature properly.

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