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Can I change a .jpg to .jpeg on a Mac 10.4.11 Tiger by simply inserting the "e"?

Asked by gailcalled (54579points) August 24th, 2008

Lack of platform compatibility when mailing attachments.

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No, unfortunately. Simply changing a file extension will lead to a corrupt & unopenable file in most cases. What you can do is open the file in Preview and in the “save as” window, (shift command s) you can select ”.jpeg” and it will create a duplicate file with the correct extension.

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Thanks, Ezra.

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It turns out you can’t do that, apparently, because Preview doesn’t have ”.jpEg” on the list (well, it does, but it just saves without the e). I just tried inserting the e and it worked, surprisingly, so I guess do that. Sorry for the trouble. PS- create a duplicate first (copy/paste) so that in case something does go wrong you have a backup.

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Yes, you absolutely can simply insert the e.

.jpg and .jpeg are two different extensions for the same file type (JPEG). Changing the extension will not alter the file. They are both equally acceptable.

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I agree with lefteh.

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insert the e. the only difference is the e

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@gail, why again do you think you want to do that? What apps are involved?

Both forms are equally accepted… and there really shouldn’t be any incompatibility anywhere whichever you choose.

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I received some pix (.jpg) both from a family reunion and from my daughter in BC. They arrived on my mac 10.4.11 in fine shape. I tried to send them on to a friend; she received pages of code. Maybe I sent too many in one email.

I was trying the .jpeg at her request.

However, I resent only one (in .jpg format) with fewer pixels and it seemed to have make it.

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@gailcalled: Sounds like the message was weirdly truncated in the middle of the files.

You can try sending less, lowering the quality (use the email button in iPhoto), or using a really simple file sharer online (like my favorite

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Thanks, Andrew, but just shrinking the pic and sending each one separately seems to have worked.

I haven’t a clue what “sounds like the message was weirdly truncated in the middle of the files” means. Do I need to?

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Nope. Just keep answering questions and glancing at the sky.

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