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What do you do if you get "the @is missing between your 1st and last name" message?

Asked by flo (12373points) April 5th, 2019

1st time on a site and the “Subscribe” form says “the @is missing between your 1st and last name”. That would make it an incorrect email address.

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My inclination would be to put an ’@’ between your first and last name, like says.

But without better information – like the name or URL of the website – it’s just a guess.

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I look for a way to send snarky feedback to whoever runs the site.

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@Zaku But would it not be something that whoever runs the site hasn’t been notified about, and is normally on the watchout for viruses and maleware etc.

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@flo It depends on who gets the feedback messages, if anyone. I’ve send messages like that a goodly number of times, and responses have varied, e.g.:

* no reply (most common)
* polite intelligent person thanks for feedback, and it gets fixed sooner or later
* polite intelligent person attempts to explain what the site design had in mind, and what to do about it
* not so great person answers in confused/unhelpful way, for various reasons

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