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Is it legal to screenshot quotes from random academic essays and not cite them on instagram?

Asked by dopeguru (1737points) 1 week ago

I just don’t want to write who wrote it , in what school etc. Only because my instagram page looks cleaner if its just the quote. But is this illegal?

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Do you give artistic credit to any photo/art you have ever taken a screenshot of that wasn’t your own? I would think it’s the same idea.

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Maybe if you put the quotes between “quotes”.
It’s still clean, and it is also clear that you quote somebody.

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Legal, probably. Ethically – no. If you’re reproducing someone’s work and passing it of as your creation – well, that’s borderline dishonest.

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What are you using them for?

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You won’t be arrested. But if yo make any money at all from it, even just a nickel, you can be sued and have to pay damages.

and like @elbanditoroso said, it is very dishonest. People who do that and get caught are openly ridiculed and deserve it.

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It’s not clear why you want to do it?

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Exactly. If it’s just for random social conversation it’s not as important as is if it’s for academics. But it is still a question of morality if you try to pass it off as your own, even casually.

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I would be livid if you stole my academic work without attribution to make your social media page look “cleaner”. It is theft.

Edited to add: Rachel Hollis just got some backlash for using quotes without attribution.

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