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Especially when driving, but in general do you think people today anger quicker then say 10 years ago?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (23186points) April 17th, 2019

I just want your personal opinion on this.
Not some internet stat.
So no right, or wrong answer.
Thanks for those that answer this.

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Yes. I think it’s something in the water.

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I wouldn’t rule that out.^^^

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Yes. I think it has to do to do with the ignorant and uncouth finally having a voice on social media. They infect others.

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That definitely could have something to do with it as well.^^^^^^^

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I only really notice it in (mostly online) political contexts, not so much driving.

In political contexts, I find myself becoming more and more intolerant. I find the political situations and the people who aren’t horrified and outraged by the things that horrify and outrage me, harder and harder to accept.

But I don’t get angry at drivers because of it. (Well, I might think people with certain bumper stickers are politically awful, but I don’t alter my driving towards them.)

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You’ve got a lot of nerve to ask this…
Yes. Everyome is wrapped pretty tight these days, due to politics. I could see civil war happening, given the right circumstances.

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Yes, I see it more and more online and politically. Not really so much in daily life; most of the time people are pretty pleasant.

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For a while, I was beginning to suspect as much, but the truth is that I really can’t tell. 10 years ago we were in the great recession of the housing bubble collapse. And I would imagine that if stress leads to anger, I should expect tempers to rise with the levels of stress. Now, 10 years later, in this supposed boom, locally the stresses are if anything even more acute as jobs are plentiful but the crippling distortions driven by skyrocketing real estate values render living here ever less affordable, as salaries steadily lose ground to the galloping costs of living.

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I think it’s the same more or less. Some of it depends on the part of the country in my experience (I’m in America).

Some cities yield the right of way more willingly. Some cities have more aggressive drivers.

Where I grew up outside of DC you better have your foot on the gas if you are in the left turning lane when the left hour comes on. Only 4 cars are going to get through, and the line could easily be 15 deep. That’s 40 years ago.

I remember being in Nashville with friends, and the driver needed to ask directions. She stopped in the middle of a road with no traffic at the time, and asked an officer who happened to be there. While talking to the officer a car came up behind us. She seemed to feel no pressure to finish up her conversation quickly. I stifled myself. If I had been the driver behind us I would have likely been a little annoyed. I couldn’t help but think that was a Southern thing, they seem to always finish with the person in front of them, no matter how long it takes. Not just regarding driving, I mean in many situations.

For as long as I can remember people were warned to be careful with your anger on the road, the other driver might have a gun.

Where I live most people are patient, helpful, and smiling, but most people here are retired, and can afford the life they live comfortably.

I do think politics is causing some added adrenaline in people’s bodies, and I think money stresses also have made people more edgy, but I think that’s been progressing over the last 20 years.

Where I live I have friends making $10k a month doing nothing but having fun and watching their money grow. They aren’t very stressed or very angry.

Want people to calm down? Money, health, shorter work schedule, flex time at work. That’s my answer.

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People always get angry.

People are people.

The difference today is that when people get angry they seem to be unable to resolve the anger without inflicting pain on somebody else.

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10 years ago? No, that is when it all started with the Tea Party super pissed that a black man was President. And all of them yelling over the new Facebook.

But definitely much worse than 20 years ago.

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LOL, no. Drivers have always been asshats. If anything they’re more polite now. What the difference we are seeing is there are more incidents in general and you can blame all of the tech distractions on that.

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What I’ve said here before seems to me to hold true more and more.
If you take two rats, put them in a box and feed them, they will multiply. When the box becomes full of rats they will turn on each other and kill one another.
Clearly, at least in my opinion, the box has too many rats in it. Or in this instance, there are too many rats on the road!

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I’m not sure exactly when it started, but I have noticed a HUGE increase in bad attitudes. Road rage has become commonplace. People seem to be PO’d even before they have a reason & are looking to pick a fight before anything is said. When it first started, I saw it mostly in the young adults & wondered where they were getting their attitudes. Over the last year or so, I’m seeing it in what used to be mature, reasonable adults who should know better!!! As the world is becoming overpopulated, I fear we will be seeing it more & more…Where it’s leading us is what I fear most!!!

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I’ve had that thought since college, especially regarding inner city populations @kritiper.

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People are offended way more & this enables their faux outrage because they are pathetic in the very real sense of the word.

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I doubt if it has increased. The increase is in the amount of news coverage.

Have you noticed an increase in the “feel good” endings of nearly every weekly TV show?

Also the news reports always try to end with “good” news.

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Thanks for your opinion @YARNLADY .^^

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I think there’s more of a sense of entitlement and I also think people are bolder and less polite than they used to be.

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I can see that.^^

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