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I want to plan an Easter party for 6-12 friends who do not have young children and have no religious affiliation. Will you help me?

Asked by Stache (4779points) April 18th, 2019

We don’t have little kids, we don’t live near family and we have no religious affiliation with this holiday.

What some of us have is a fondness for a big meal, good drinks and some chocolate.

Do you have any ideas to help with entertainment? Music or games/drinking games.

Specific food?

Any ideas are welcome.

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Have a grown up Easter egg hunt. Buy a pack of those plastic eggs and hide them. Guests can trade in each egg for a shot or cocktail of their choice.

Rent a chocolate fountain and have an array of things to dip in it like marshmallows, strawberries, jelly beans, cherries (oh gawd yum), banana chunks, soft caramels, and whatever else seems appealing.

Serve deviled eggs. Use a q tip to dab food coloring onto the whites.

Small, plain Easter baskets can be purchased very cheap. Use a few of those to set out with goodies for guests to indulge themselves.

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A scavenger hunt would be fun.

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I would definitely do some traditional, and maybe not so traditional Easter foods. Buffet style would be the easiest, and set up a pretty table with vases of spring flowers.

Here are some Easter Themed Beers that you could serve:

Deviled Eggs are a natural. Serve a plethora of different kinds. Here are 50 varieties to choose from:

You should have sandwiches too, but there’s no need to make regular full sized sammies with bread. Instead make finger food-sized roll up sandwiches.

Here’s a recipe for Ham and Cheese Roll Ups:

You will probably want some vegetarian options too. Here are some Basil, Spinach Hummus, and Sundried Tomato Roll Ups:

And one more roll up recipe with Turkey, Avocado, Cheese and Spinach (or you could sub urugula):

And you will probably want some salads. Everybody loves potato salad. I like this recipe for Baby Potatoes Salad, because they kind of look like Easter eggs:

And here is a salad with Spring Greens, Peas, Asparagus, and Fresh Mozzarella in a Lemon Vinaigrette:

Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now. You can add whatever things you like, including adding a few edible flowers such as squash blossoms or nasturtiums to make you board look pretty. Here is some help from Martha Stewart on how to set up a Charcuterie Board:

Two of my favorite things to add to a charcuterie board are Marcona Almonds:

And Dried Candied Orange Slices:

Also, I found this amazing cheese at Costco this week. It is Lye Cross Farm Mango Dale:

You should also have some non alcoholic drinks for people who don’t imbibe, such as Mint Infused Lemonade:

Or Cucumber Water:

And for dessert, Lemon Cake:

And No Bake Nutella Birds Nest Cookies:

Happy Easter : )

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Lol! I didn’t post any recipes because I knew @Kardamom would handle that, but wow!

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Depending on your tastes, hide fake eggs with choc alcohol candies, maybe edibles, etc…lol

Get the ladies in playboy bunny ears and saucy outfits. Guys in Hef smoking jackets. Pool into a faux grotto.

You could dye eggs, best egg design aka art, gets a nice prize.

Find a bunny suit and hump everyone. Everyone knows bunnies are freaks!

Add dye to several different top shelf vodkas as easter shots. And decoration.

Have a old-fashioned sock HOP.

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Awesome, guys. This is going to be fun. Thank you so much!

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@Stache, how did your Easter party go?

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